Amstelveen is still ready for the construction of 2,500 student homes. Now the minister

Amstelveen – After the State Council blocked the construction of 2,500 student homes in the Amstelveen district of Kronenburg earlier this year because the plan is in violation of the regulations surrounding the airport layout decree (LIB), Amstelveen hopes again that the plan can still be realized. now the curious file has become the subject of discussion in the House of Representatives.

Faissal Boulakjar, MP of D66, earned one movement in about student accommodation at Kronenburg together with Pieter Grinwis from Christenunie. In the proposal, the members of parliament again ask the government to make an extreme effort and find a solution in the short term, so that the construction of student housing in the Amstelveen office quarter can still begin.

The Council of State

“The Council of State has decided that we cannot develop this area without permission from the I&W Minister. We are therefore happy about the attention to this topic in the House of Representatives,’ says Councilor Floor Gordon (D66). Amstelveen is ready for it. We would like to help reduce the housing shortage in our country. We would like to invite Minister De Jonge to come and have a look in Kronenburg,’ says Gordon.

much needed

The municipality of Amstelveen, together with area owners and supported by the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, the province of North Holland, the student housing provider DUWO and VU, developed a plan to realize 2,500 student housing. There is a great need for these homes, because the student cities will lack around 26,500 student homes this academic year, roughly the same as last year. This appears from a preliminary estimate from the knowledge center Kences.

To the astonishment of the developer parties and the landowners, the plans were scrapped because inspectors for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Miljø- og Transporttilsynet – ILT) objected. On behalf of the Ministry, ILT oversees Schiphol’s (external) security and compliance with environmental standards and regulations. According to the ILT, the Amstelveen housing plans did not fit into the current regulations regarding the Schiphol Airport Layout Decree (LIB).

Almost no one understands why: Thousands of students already live on Campus Uilenstede in the same area, hotels and offices have been established without problems and there is also permission to receive refugees. But it is not permitted to offer accommodation to new students. However, the State Council approved the ILT, which means that the ministry indirectly blocked the actual construction of the new (student) housing.

Nuisance from airplanes

Gordon states that the plan takes into account the nuisance caused by aircraft and was deeply disappointed when it emerged that the plans could not go ahead due to the ILT’s objection. ‘Together with the landowners and with the support of other authorities and educational institutions, we have a splendid and careful plan at the start to build 2500 student housing in Kronenburg, taking into account the noise nuisance from aircraft.’

extended stay

The plan in Kronenburg allows for student accommodation combined with extended stay facilities, office and workplace space as well as sports and catering facilities in the Kronenburg district. Amstelveen wants to breathe new life into this neighborhood by combining living and working. According to the municipality of Amstelveen, Kronenburg, like Uilenstede, lies within the noise contours of Schiphol, where regulations apply.

Destination plan

The necessary subdivision plan for the construction of the homes had already been approved and adopted by the city council on 7 July 2021, but due to the State Council’s decision, it could be referred to the dustbin. Amstelveen hopes to be able to fish it out of the bin again.

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