Cultural excursions in Friesland: Maaike Ouboter and Eric Corton, Adwin de Kluyver lecture, presentation about the universe, album release Real Men and open studio Rens Hoekstra

Maaike Ouboter and Eric Corton discuss life, the performance A complex day in a simple universe in Franeker, Real men present their new album in Leeuwarden, a literary discovery trip to the South Pole and Rens Hoekstra shows his paintings during the Open Atelier in Akkrum.

A complex day in a simple universe

A complex day in a simple universe is a musical and humorous theatrical reflection on fear and immersion, both in illusion and reality.

What do we need as humans to be great and less afraid? Can we make the universe stop spinning for a while so we can get grounded again? Eise Eisinga became world famous with his Planetarium, he reached for the stars and managed to make them spin in front of us, in a valiant attempt to quell our fear of the unknown. Who is the new Eisinga? Is it between us, the artists, or is it with you; in public? Is it really the end of time and are we slowly sinking into a black hole? Or can fallen stars still rise to heaven?

The performance will be Friday played by Marieke Giebels, Hiske Oosterwijk and Charlotte Beerda in the Theater de Koornbeurs in Franeker and is part of Festival the day after tomorrow. Five places in the province of Friesland have joined together and will hold it for a month Festival the day after tomorrow . Every weekend, five performances travel to Schouwburg De Lawei, Posthuis Theater, Theater Sneek, De Koornbeurs Theater and Film and Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie.

Franeker – De Koornbeurs, Fri at 8 p.m., 15 euros

Album release Real Men

Keizer & DelaPorte have been playing together since 2013, where having fun is the most important thing. In mid-2020, rehearsals and performances were no longer allowed. What now?

Bauke Beert Keizer and René de la Porte had quite a few songs on the shelf, some of them long. Shame not to do anything about it. So they decided to make an album: Real men . Friday is the release party for this new album in the Tromptheater in Leeuwarden.

Leeuwarden – Tromptheater, Fri at 19, 5.95 euros

A literary voyage of discovery to the South Pole

Who is going to No Man’s Land? Friday, during a lecture in Podium Lewinski in Sneek author and historian Adwin de Kluyver takes you on a compelling literary journey of discovery to the South Pole.

He shows how man has sought, explored, described and used this cold continent over the centuries. In his book No man’s land De Kluyver brings a colorful collection of historical characters to life; men, women and even animals who have played a key role in shaping Antarctica. From the Flemish gunner who thought he had discovered a passage between America and the Great South, to a whaling painter who was the first Dutchman to set foot on the empty continent.

De Kluyver interweaves all those stories of explorers, anti-heroes, poets, scientists and charlatans with his own personal desire to reach the far south in the footsteps of a forgotten Japanese polar hero. As a crew member on the historic three-masted Bark Europa, De Kluyver sails through the coastal waters of Antarctica. Along the way, he takes notes on penguin highways, the southernmost pub on Earth and a piece of red plastic.

Sneek – Podium Lewinski, Fri. 20, 12.50 euros

A conversation about life

Maaike Ouboter and Eric Corton join the theater together. The place they both love so much. In a special musical evening, they will discuss life with each other and the audience – about letting go, holding on and how much love there is in grief. They also make music together.

In this way, you are part of their world of vulnerability and persistence. Close to and with an open mind. The two got to know each other during the recordings of De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland, where Maaike Ouboter, then jury member Eric Corton, was immediately touched by the song during the audition. That I miss you . Partly because of this, the singer experienced a stormy breakthrough and followed two albums with several successful tours. Her new album Harness made of glass will be published at the end of 2021.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Friday 20.30, 22.50 euros

Rens Hoekstra opens his studio | advertising

Get to know Rens Hoekstra’s expressionist paintings and her teaching and workshop offerings under her Open Study Days in Akkrum. In the last two weekends of September, she shows works that have been added to her oeuvre this year.

There is also spatial work by Tineke Szarzynski and parallel work by Hoekstra, during a solo exhibition in Loge van Oddfellows at Herenwal 10 in Heerenveen. On the weekend of 17 and 18 September, this exhibition is part of the art route Heerenveen.

Akkrum – Atelier Rens Hoekstra, 17, 18, 24 and 25 September 11-17 hours, free

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