Reasons to visit Rotterdam on holiday

Rotterdam! The second largest city in the Netherlands is a true gem in the western part of the country. With one of the largest harbors in the world and many special places, it is worth booking your holiday to Rotjeknor soon. We list the top three reasons to make this city your own

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Rotterdam is mainly known for its status as a trading and port city, but we can definitely recommend Rotterdam as a place where you can find a lot of beautiful Dutch culture. The most prominent can be guessed: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Currently, the museum is home to paintings by Rembrandt, Bosch, Dali and Van Gogh, among others. As we mentioned earlier, the museum is currently closed for renovation, but that only partially spoils the pleasure. The museum has now opened the doors to its depot, where you can still see a significant part of the collection. So it’s actually a good idea to come to Rotterdam not once, but twice. Now once in the coming years, so you can visit the unique depot, and then again when the museum is open again in its full glory. Fortunately, there is also more than enough to do in the rest of the city, so you can easily fill two trips to Rotterdam without having to do the same things twice.

Kunsthal Rotterdam is also an exhibition not to be missed. Usually there are quite a few changing exhibitions at the same time on all sorts of subjects that always fascinate or appeal. Doing all the exhibitions at once usually results in a pretty intense day, but if you have a museum annual pass, for example, it’s great to cover the museum in 2 or 3 times.

Shopping areas

Rotterdam also has an extensive and beautiful shopping area. Markthal is of course the star of the city. Markthal has 4,600 square meters of retail space. There is mainly a lot of attention on food and restaurants, but there is also a very large apartment complex. This makes the Markthal a special and interesting place to visit in Rotterdam that you should definitely not miss on your next visit.

Another Rotterdam classic is of course Koopgoot. With a wide selection, there is always something to experience, and you can also find something for you. For the book lovers among us, we can definitely recommend the Donner bookstore in the heart of the city. The bookstore has an extremely wide range and is also one of the largest bookstores in our country. It used to be the biggest, but it’s not like that anymore.

Water and the harbour

Of course, as I said, Rotterdam is mainly known as a port city. A good trip to Rotterdam cannot therefore be missed. You can admire the impressive ships alone for hours. You can easily visit the harbor on foot or by bicycle. If you really want to know everything you can about the harbour, a number of guides are also offered – by bike and by boat on the water. That way you won’t fall between two stools!

Another water sight not to be missed when visiting Rotterdam is of course the Erasmus Bridge! This 800 meter long bridge is Rotterdam’s showpiece and cannot be missed when visiting the city.

With these tips, you should at least have been able to get started on your next visit to our city. We especially recommend that you do not plan your trip from start to finish, and simply experience what there is actually to do. Rotterdam is an incredibly versatile city with all kinds of activities that you only realize at the moment are actually quite fun. So give yourself space to explore it thoroughly and get the real Rotterdam experience.

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