Car-free Sunday: STIB free and look behind the scenes in the metro

The STIB network is completely free for car-free Sundays on Sunday 18 September. In addition, the Erasmus depot opens its doors to the public so that everyone can take a look behind the scenes. This event is part of Mobility Week, the theme of which this year is “a city for children”.

Car-free Sunday is an opportunity to rethink mobility and experience the city differently. As a major player in mobility in the capital, STIB actively participates in this event, on the one hand by offering free public transport and on the other hand by organizing an open door.

The STIB network is free and reinforced

All STIB’s bus, tram and metro lines are available free of charge throughout the day from start to finish. The validation devices will be disabled and the entrance gates to the stations will be open.

Frequencies will be increased across the network to accommodate the large number of travelers opting for public transport on car-free Sundays. Specifically, buses, trams and metros run with the same frequency as Saturday. Additional reinforcements are planned on the four metro lines, on tram lines 7, 8, 9, 25, 39, 44, 92 and 93 and on bus lines 20, 49, 50, 54, 74, 89 and 95.

To make this day a celebration for everyone, STIB reminds that the traffic rules still apply on a car-free day. Respecting the traffic rules means that you avoid accidents, protect your own safety and the safety of others and make it a little easier for STIB drivers, as they are under particular pressure on such days.

Behind the scenes of the subway

The Erasmus metro depot opens its doors to the public from 10.00 to 16.00 (last entry at 15.30). The building was inaugurated in 2021 and occupies an area of ​​more than 30,000 m², mostly underground. It can accommodate 23 metro trains and service another 7 units. This third STIB metro depot has been designed in such a way that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. The depot is equipped with solar panels, heat pumps, rainwater recovery and waste water recycling facilities.

Under the open door, visitors can step into the driver’s cabin of the new M7 metro, see the metro car wash in action or discover a metro from below while it is in the lift position. Activities are planned for young and old with explanations about the vehicles and the depot. There are also food trucks, a STIBStore stand, children’s activities, photo animation and meetings with STIB employees. There is an adapted route for people with reduced mobility with a special reception point.

To get to the Erasmus depot by public transport, it is sufficient to take metro line 5 to the Erasmus station, which is 500 meters away and is equipped with lifts. Bus line 74 is another option. The frequency of that line will be increased to the occasion until the Clémence Everard stop.

A city, the children’s friend

Children and young people are central to the theme of Mobility Week this year, because when a city is designed for children, it suits everyone. STIB is fully in line with this vision and offers vehicles, timetables and tickets specially adapted to this audience: new buses, trams and metros with places for parents with prams and the disabled, free public transport up to 12 years old, school subscriptions and season tickets for young Brussels- citizens for 12 euros per year, timetables adapted to the new school calendar, etc. The Brussels public transport company wants to make its network accessible to everyone, including children and young people.

STIB also actively collaborates with the schools by arranging visits to its network and activities in the schools. In this way, the transport company wants to make young people aware of various themes such as safety, courtesy and the environment in a playful and educational way. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults, so it is important to encourage them to adopt good public transport habits from an early age.

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