Drentse and Green Carnation Prize 2022 awarded in Eelde

DRENTHE – The King’s Commissioner Mrs. J. Klijnsma, who is also chairman of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Drenthe, has awarded the prizes for the Drenthe Carnation and the Green Carnation 2022.

This year, the awards were presented jointly for the first time in museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde. With the awards, the foundation wants to highlight the cultural organizers and the people who are active in Drenthe for nature. Many foundations, associations and individuals make a commitment every year – often voluntarily – to the culture and nature in Drenthe. Cooperation is of great importance in this connection. Both prize winners received a cash prize of €5,000 and the two runners-up each received an amount of €1,000. The board recently decided to equalize the prices of both the Drenthe Carnation Prize and the Green Carnation Prize and increase the Green Carnation Prize from €3,000 to €5,000.

The Drentse Nellikeprisen 2022 went to the Historical Klazienaveen Foundation. This year, the jury faced a difficult choice. All three nominees have an interesting ‘track record’ and did not sit still during the corona era. They organized alternative activities, with which they also managed to reach new target groups. All three are significant for the culture in Drenthe, each for a specific target group and with a specific scope. Where the De Havixhorst Sculpture Garden focuses on visual arts in beautiful green surroundings and focuses on students in addition to art lovers, while the Historisch Klazienaveen brings local history to life, The Bake Shop is the development site for up-and-coming pop talent in Drenthe.

Based on careful considerations, the jury believes that this year’s award should go to an organization that is full of ambition, has a very accessible approach and can be an inspiring example for other associations and foundations in Drenthe. They show that it is possible to bring the history of your own place to life in an easily accessible and infectious way. Especially by actively collaborating with other parties to achieve more. They are an important ambassador for the village and therefore for Drenthe’s local history. In light of the foundation’s many plans, the jury can imagine that the prize of €5,000 is most useful here.

The Green Carnation Prize 2022 went to Florakartering Drenthe Fonden. The jury had to make a choice among the three nominated candidates. All three of great value, but very different. Education is crucial for all three, but receives different interpretations: training as with the turbines, collecting data during the flora mapping and playful learning at the IVN in Hoogeveen. And not just yesterday and today, but for fifty, forty and forty years! And all that completely voluntarily.

In the end, the jury agreed that The Green Carnation 2022 should be awarded to Florakartering Drenthe Fonden because of its fundamental contribution to our knowledge of nature. They received a sum of €5,000.

This year there were a total of 12 applications for the Drenthe Carnation Award and 6 applications for the Green Carnation Award 2022. The juries for both awards were pleased that, just like last year, candidates from so many different disciplines have been nominated for the awards. . It is good to note that partnerships are being developed in all possible areas and in all possible places, which are not only valuable for the individual participants, but can also provide inspiration elsewhere in the province. It creates special projects that are important for culture, nature and the inhabitants of Drenthe. The jury selected three nominees for both the Drenthe Carnation Prize and the Green Carnation Prize from the applications. The jury looked at the exceptional nature and scope of the activities in the past year.

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