This is how the Queen’s funeral will go, minute by minute

7.30(Belgian time)

The doors to Westminster Hall, where the Queen lay in state for the past few days, are closed to the public. After this, it is definitely no longer possible to greet.

9 o’clock

The doors of Westminster Abbey open to around 2,000 guests: each country was allowed to send a representative with a partner. All seats will be filled. Among the participants are US President Biden, French President Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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US President Joe Biden and Jill Biden have already arrived in the UK. © AFP

11:44 am

The coffin departs from Westminster Hall, in the Royal Navy State Funeral Gun Carriage. That trainer is traditionally pulled by about 142 sailors from the Royal Navy, Reuters reports. Front: about 200 musicians, including bagpipes and drummers. Behind the coach: The royal funeral procession, including King Charles, Prince William and Harry. “Important moment”, says England expert Harry De Paepe. “The reaction of the audience will also be special: from absolute silence to applause.”

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The coffin arrives at the gates of Westminster Abbey and is carried inside.

12 noon

The ceremony begins. The Dean of Westminster will lead the service, which will include Prime Minister Liz Truss giving a lecture and the Archbishop of Canterbury giving the homily.

12.55 p.m

The Last Post sounds, followed by two minutes of silence – in the monastery and across the country. Planes avoid the skies over central London.

13 hours

The service ends with the national anthem – for the first time in 70 years God bless king– and a dirge from the Queen’s personal bagpipes. The chest is placed back in the gun carriage.


Another funeral procession with the King departs through the streets of London towards Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner. The parade is divided into seven groups, and is followed by two carriages: one with Queen Camilla and Kate, one with Meghan and Sophie, Prince Edward’s wife. In Hyde Park, a cannon is fired every minute, Big Ben continues to ring throughout the procession.

14 hours

The coffin arrives at Wellington Arch and is transferred to the hearse. The royal family also gets into a car, to Windsor. When they leave, the national anthem is started again.


The hearse arrives at Windsor. The procession goes along the Long Walk towards Windsor Castle, a road filled with mourners and onlookers.

4:40 p.m

The king goes behind the hearse again and sets off on foot with his sons. The women follow in the car.


The parade stops: the coffin has arrived at St. George’s Chapel. The queen is carried up the western staircase.

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17 hours

That mandatory service – the service near the grave – starts and can be followed live. The Dean of Windsor leads the service and symbolizes the end of the Queen’s reign. Before the last psalm is invoked, the crown, orb and scepter are taken from the casket and placed on the altar. Still: The Lord Chamberlain, the marshal, will break his white staff and place it on his breast. “This means that everyone in the service of the Crown is exempt from their oath to the Queen,” says England expert Harry De Paepe. “So that staff lasted 70 years, and now it’s disappearing into the ground.” Finally, the royal bagpiper plays another dirge as he slowly walks towards the monastery – so the music in the chapel fades away. The Archbishop of Canterbury gives his blessing, and God save the king sounds. “It will be a special moment,” says De Paepe. “The visual transition from one monarch to another.”

8.30 p.m

The final private ceremony will not be broadcast. Only the king and the royal family are still there. Here, the Queen is officially buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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