Fighting art for attention on the eve of Monument Day

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(by Huib Strengers and Maarten van Gemert)
KAMPS – In the Stedelijk Museum’s Golden Room, on the eve of Open Monument Day, three women closely involved in art presented the route of inspiration to Alderman for Culture, Richard Boddeus. A walking route along artists and places where creativity is highly valued.

The trio consists of Cilia de Jong from Upcycle Atelier Vooruitzicht, Marjolijn Blok from Galerie G and Marieken Westerink, whose partner, the painter Wouter Berns, runs Galerie Tripmaker. Three “power women”, as Westerink described it in his opening statement, who “have now planned a tree together that can become a whole park”. In May this year, they began developing their plan for the Inspiration route, which will contribute to a stronger cultural living and working climate in Kamper midtby.

Participating organizations must meet a number of criteria. For example, the location must be in the city center, they must be self-made objects, such as statues, sculptures or paintings, and a story can be told about the objects, such as the history of creation and the use of materials. The place is of course open to the public with “clear” times, e.g. Friday and Saturday. Sunday is not mentioned in the criteria. The creator must be present and a warm welcome is expected as an ambassador for the city and its inhabitants. The larger museums in Kampen are part of the route. It is currently more than twenty locations and the Inspiration route can be kept until the end of next year.

To connect
The design of the Inspiration Route, available on paper from the participants and from Tourist Info and digitally at, has three main colors that color Kamper’s town centre. Color and meaning were reflected in the trio’s attire. Where Blok reflected warmth, enthusiasm and creativity with the orange-red of the inner city buildings, Westerink touched the good seeds and fertile soil for art in Kampen i Byparken’s green surroundings. In the blue of the IJssel, De Jong spoke of the beginning as a small stream. The inspiration route must connect everything that already exists within art in Kampen, so that it flows with a clear ambition.

Open Monuments Day last weekend was not the size of other years. There were fewer ‘Monument Flags’ to be seen. In Galerie G, Marjolein Blok had organized an attractive exhibition by Wim Stalknecht and special pictures by Freeke Klerekoper, who lives in Kampen. Some of Stalknecht’s works can be seen in Burgwalstraat 6, where the new residents, Patrick Broekema and his girlfriend Dieke, regularly organize exhibitions on the ground floor. After the opening of Blok in her gallery, the company went in procession to the Burgwalstraat and finally returned to the Gasthuisstraat for a snack and a drink. Blok and Broekema, for example, gave substance to the connection through the Inspiration route and with Monuments Day.

Part of the exhibition ‘Hej Kampen!’ in the national monument at Burgwalstraat 6-8 (photo: Maarten van Gemert)

leather goods
Shortly after noon, the Stedelijk Museum had already received around two hundred visitors, who could, among other things, see the exhibition of the recently deceased Eli Content. Other ‘art focal points’ on the Inspiration route couldn’t complain either. However, an error crept into this newspaper last week in the article about Kampen as a deserving art city.
Kurashi Atelier is not a tannery. Ilona Prins does not make leather but works with leather. She makes hand-stitched leather goods from ecologically responsible tanned leather in the traditional way. This shows the broad approach of the Inspiration Route. Traditional craftsmanship is also an art and also contributes to Kampen as a city of art. This connects the three ‘power women’, the taste for more, to discover more of Kampen’s beauty and potential as an art city. The first impulse is a fact. The inspiration route.


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