Holland is full of viewers praise Jeroen Pauw who highlights ‘all sides’

Jeroen Pauw played cards in his last night Holland is full livestock industry in our country. With supporters and opponents, scientists and experts. And viewers are quite happy that all parties are able to talk about this issue.

Last week, Pauw started by highlighting the many flights that are made over the Netherlands. And this time he highlights another subject that Holland is ‘full of’: animals. Because in the Netherlands we have the largest meat industry in Europe, and we are, after the United States, the largest agricultural exporter in the world.

The Netherlands is full of livestock industry

In our country, it concerns 3.8 million cows, more than 11 million pigs and 99.9 million chickens. But that livestock has decreased in recent years, just as the number of farmers in the Netherlands has decreased.

At Pauw’s table, a pig farmer, dairy goat farmer, dairy farmer, agricultural economist, manufacturer of milking machines, The Hague’s face for farmers Caroline van der Plas, local residents, professors and organic farmers talk together.

Farmers cannot meet consumer demand

These animals cause health problems, stench and nitrogen problems, but the Dutch simply like to consume their piece of meat. Chicken farmer Ruud Zanders argues for eating fewer eggs in the Netherlands. “It is very difficult to produce what the consumer wants if you use it to produce outside the earth’s ecological limits. It won’t work.” According to him, we need to eat less animal products.

Some diners conclude that product prices are becoming more expensive. “About 20 percent,” believes one of the professors. Then Pauw points directly at Van der Plas. “Are you going to find someone in The Hague who will go to the election saying: ‘We are going to pay 20 percent more for our food?'” Something that is not necessary according to Van der Plas, who believes that a lot of money has been lost in “the chain”.

Viewers are satisfied with the interview approach Jeroen Pauw

She later states that she “can’t believe” that people would have to pay 20 percent more for their food in this day and age of high energy bills. But there, Peter Oosterhof, an organic farmer, interrupts her. “Everyone benefits from the farmer. The suppliers and the chain behind them. But the farmer himself earns nothing.” After which Professor Jan Willem Erisman says that, in the long term, consumers will pay more for food in the future. “This enables the farmer to organize his sustainability.”

But beyond the agricultural material, viewers seem to be particularly pleased with Pauw’s interview style. According to some, he appears to reflect the many different voices around the agricultural sector. And they praise that he lets his guests finish. Critical viewers also pointed out that the broadcast lacked attention to animal suffering, plant protection or soil depletion.

You see the broadcast of Nederland is Vol back via NPO.

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Holland is full of viewers happy with Jeroen Pauw highlighting ‘all sides’: ‘Let the guests appreciate their value’

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