Consulting within ESG and sustainability is the driving force behind revenue growth Deloitte

Today, Deloitte publishes its integrated annual report for the financial year 2021/2022, in which Deloitte Netherlands achieved a turnover of €1.270 billion. Compared to the previous financial year, this is a revenue increase of 23 percent. “The past financial year was characterized by high investments on the part of our customers, which resulted in a great demand for our services. It is positive to see that all business units have contributed to our increase in revenue,” says Hans Honig, CEO of Deloitte Holland. “Our strategic choice to support our customers in their transition to sustainability and digitization of their business models has paid off. For example, we have not only focused on ESG reporting and assurance, but also emphatically on the transition in the economy around themes such as energy, food, health and mobility”.

“The increasingly intensive cooperation in our international network contributes to growth. This enables us to serve our clients even better in major business transformations and complex audits.”

“The social importance of our organization lies to a large extent in the quality of our auditing activities. We are therefore proud that the quality of our audits is also recognized externally. In the past financial year, the final assessment of both the external audit by AFM and PCAOB was positive.”

“It is essential for us to attract and retain the best talent. It is therefore good to see that our employee satisfaction has increased, our employee brand is strong and that the number of employees in the Netherlands has grown by around 700 people in the last financial year. We have deliberately invested even more in our talent by creating a completely new offer for our employees, including an employment terms policy. This policy is mainly aimed at inclusiveness, much more flexibility and personal growth and development for our employees.”

The financial year 2021/2022 in brief

  • In the financial year 2021/2022, Deloitte Holland has a income realized at €1,270 billion. Compared to the 2020/2021 financial year, when revenue was €1.032 billion, this is a revenue increase of 23%.
  • At 0.3%, profit growth is significantly lower than our revenue growth, because we have deliberately chosen to invest in our Talent in particular, in addition to investments in digitization and sustainability.
  • The development of our growth is due to the quality and commitment of our employees. We have our renewed and innovative The employer’s value proposition (EVP) launched with a focus on development, flexibility and well-being. Some initiatives are: freely deployable flexible holidays, Flexible Benefits Budget, Deloitte FIT program. Our broad Inclusion & Diversity program with, for example, rainbow family policies and the panel promise.
  • The number of Employees at Deloitte Holland is now 7,191 (average number of employees). Our employee engagement has increased to 7.7.
  • The number of female partners within Deloitte rose to 21 percent this financial year. We continue to invest to maintain the number of female leaders and maintain the upward trend we see (2018, 10 percent).
  • In the past financial year, we have achieved a customer satisfaction score of 8.3 and an NPS of 65. The positive feedback from customers confirms that investments in quality, talent, digitization and sustainability have a positive effect, and Deloitte is trusted as a partner in complex audits and transformations.
  • Our strategic choices to support our customers in their transition to sustainability and the sustainability of our own organization have proven to be successful:ISLAND We invest a lot in ours knowledge and skills, by, among other things, attracting specialists within sustainability. For example, this year we hired nine partners and directors and invested in the teams.

    ISLAND Sustainability affects all our services, which is why we are strongly committed education of our employees. For example, more than 4,000 Deloittes participated in the Sustainability Learning week.

    ISLAND That is our ambition 2025 climate neutral for housing and mobility. We are replacing our leasing fleet with electric cars and have significantly tightened our policy for international travel. Deloitte is associated with the GroenDus platform for the purchase of green energy.

    ISLAND Through our WorldClimate strategy, we encourage responsible climate choices in our own Employees and further.

    ISLAND Many of the societal challenges require partnerships or collaboration in ecosystems. An example of this is E-connections, an initiative where Deloitte joins forces with, Google Cloud, IKEA, Mollie and PostNL to accelerate sustainability in e-commerce.

    ISLAND Sustainability transitions with our customers. We’ve shared a selection of these tasks throughout our brand campaign.

  • Brand campaign With the work we do for and with our clients, often in ecosystems, we contribute to tackling the most challenging social problems, such as making our society fundamentally more sustainable. As Deloitte Holland, we have focused on our ‘Future of’ themes: Energy, Food, Health and Mobility. You can read how we do this and what effect we have in our campaign ‘Connect for Impact’.
  • We take our responsibility as an organization to actively contribute to improvement community. We do this in our daily work, but also through Deloitte Impact Foundation, to which our employees have contributed no less than 36,284 hours in the past financial year. Our focus was on three themes. As the first WorldClass, where we have the ambition to give 90,000 people a better future in the field of education. The second spearhead was financial health in the Netherlands, for which we created the National Coalition for Financial Health in close cooperation with SchuldenlabNL, ING and VNO NCW. And as a third theme, Sustainability, where we have taken large projects from The Ocean Cleanup for years with our knowledge.
  • As Deloitte Holland, we are part of Deloitte North South Europe (NSE). More information about social influence by Deloitte NSE, can be found here.

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