Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Rayen Panday, DNK 10 years, Birds of paradise, open-air theater in Schoonloo and Bas Hoeflaak and Peter Blok

There is also plenty to do in the cultural area in the coming days. For example, what about the performance Trapeze by Peter Blok and Bas Hoeflaak in De Molenberg in Delfzijl. You can visit this performance for the special promotional price of 10 euros! In addition, we have highlighted a number of events for you. Read on quickly!

Bas Hoeflaak and Peter Blok in the ridge of a circus tent

After the successful show a man a man writers Roel Bloemen and Kees Prins come up with a new comic performance. IN trapeze climb to the top of the circus tent and there you meet two nervous trapeze workers, namely Bas Hoeflaak (including Snipers) and Peter Blok (including Penoza, He believes in me).

When they are ready to jump, the whole evening suddenly changes. And that creates a lot of doubt. Can they trust each other blindly, that one will not let the other fall? The men begin to talk: about what the circus means to them, about tradition and about their own ambitions. Their ideas and plans for the future unexpectedly turn out to be further apart than they expected. How do you finally jump off that ridge to the bottom? In the end, the men have to make a decision about it.

Delfzijl – De Molenberg, Fri 20.15, 10 euros

An attempt to answer life’s big questions by Rayen Panday

The attention we seek may not be quite right, and the attention we get certainly isn’t. If we are all equal, how special are we? Why do we get so lost in side issues that we forget the most important thing? And do Pamela Anderson, Jesus Christ and Rayen’s Turkish hairdresser have anything in common?

Rayen Panday makes Friday night in Emmen during the performance an attempt to answer these and other big questions in life. He will not succeed. But it is not necessary.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Fri at 20, 21.50 euros

Greetings from Veluwe

Unea is the theater association from Schoonloo. They have staged performances since 1935 and since 2010 they have been open air performances. This year they are playing the show Greetings from Veluwe.

This comedy is about the Bruinsma family, a low-social family, and the Zwaanswijk family, a well-to-do family. Grandma in the Zwaanswijk family wins first prize with a cryptogram. The prize is a week’s holiday in a caravan on the Veluwe. Camping is a completely new experience for these people who live in luxury and they also have serious adjustment problems. This does not apply to the Bruinsma family, who have previously cut with this axe. With such contradictions, confrontations between the two families are inevitable.

Schoonloo – Open Air and Amphitheater De Strubben, Fri and Sat at 20.30, Sun at 14.30, 8 euros (5 to 18 years 4 euros)

It’s buzzing in Assen, DNK 10 years!

The party is in Assen until Sunday. Under the title It’s buzzing in Assen cultural center De Nieuwe Kolk is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Everyone is welcome to join in this festive anniversary.

There is a varied program for young and old at the library, theater and cinema, including a performance by MEAU, open house, catwalk brunch and a unique light festival. Throughout the weekend, the regular programming is also dominated by 10 years of De Nieuwe Kolk. For example, there are all kinds of top titles from recent years in the cinema. The entire program can be found at dnk.nl/10 years.

Assen – DNK, Thurs – Sun

Colorful birds from foreign lands | advertising

The exhibition Birds of paradise wants to bring artists from other cultures together and show how artists shape their current ‘double culture’ in their art. Some still feel the need to process the terrible situations in their homeland in art, in order to give the traumatic experiences a place. Others try to leave the past behind and focus their art on the future in a new country with a different culture.

Among the many ‘new Dutch’ who have come to the Netherlands in recent years and have found a place here are many very talented artists. They are often colorful birds from foreign countries trying to live like real birds in freedom and where they can be who or what they are. On display from next Monday in Martiniplaza.

Groningen – MartiniPlaza, from Monday to January 27, Monday to Friday at 10.00-17.00, free

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/agenda

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl

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