Following the general political considerations: not…

Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kaag in the House of Representatives during the general political reflections.


The general political considerations are over. The news is dominated by the resignation of the government after Thierry Baudet said that Minister Kaag had studied at a ‘spy college’. This fuss will go away soon enough. What remains is a package of very expensive measures which do not provide a solution to problems such as the energy crisis.

Progress for all

Naturally, the government presents the measures as progress for everyone. Households get 3.9 percent more to spend through a ‘purchasing power package’. The minimum wage is rising. There will be a price ceiling for electricity and gas. Income tax falls and housing benefit rises.

Always printing money

Does the government have a tree that makes money every day? How to use the money press from the European Central Bank. Countless billions are being printed to alleviate the need. But it cannot be without consequences. Money – pensions, savings, wages – drops quickly. National debt and collective mortgage debt are rising.

Order Green is the new red

Passing the bill on to the next generation

The Rutte IV cabinet passes the hurling party’s bill to the next generation. A generation with fewer shoulders to carry because all the propaganda for ‘labour liberation’ means fewer children being born.

High taxes for climate and corona

The Netherlands in 2022 finds itself in a paradoxical situation. More is being worked, more is being produced, more is being consumed than in all the previous years of the 21st centurytea century. At the same time, the Dutch are driven to poverty by the high taxes that the government levies for ideological projects such as the fight against corona and the fight against climate change.

‘Unavoidable’ measures

These are projects that are invariably presented as ‘inevitable’ measures against ‘disasters’ that happen to us, like rain. With corona, you can still say that the virus outbreak is unforeseen, although more and more signs point to intent.

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Prices rose even before the war in Ukraine

But the energy crisis is undeniably a disaster that was foreseen long in advance. The Ukraine war is not the cause of this, but only the catalyst. Even before the war, inflation was rising due to money printing and energy bills were rising due to all the extra climate taxes.

new faith

The government manufactures crises, and it must be said right away that it is at the insistence of a significant part of the population. After the rejection of the Christian faith, it fervently searches for a new faith, a narrative to give meaning to what happens to us. This manifests itself in obsessions of current affairs: Ukraine, corona, climate.

Stockholm syndrome

The only one who can cope with these, often apocalyptic, crises is of course the government. This is how part of the Netherlands experiences it. It explains the passive response to taxes so high that they led to armed rebellions in previous centuries. The population suffers to some extent from the Stockholm syndrome: sympathy for the hostage, who is simply the only one who can keep you alive.

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Disappointment threatens

But the government is playing a dangerous game. The state’s credibility depends on its ability to achieve the self-imposed goals – ‘getting the world out of corona’, ‘stopping sea level rise’. They are always unattainable goals. The disappointment is imminent.

French Revolution

What if you pay a sky-high tax on a system of Byzantine complexity – and are met with cold and hunger? If you want to know what happens, read the story about it old regime up to the French Revolution.

It may be different

History is not defined by economic laws, but made by men with free will and directed by God with perfect providence. In short, it doesn’t have to end badly. We can go a different way than Rutte IV’s green-red policy. What does it take?

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Problems are created by the government itself

First of all, we must get rid of the socialist dependence on the state. Many problems that the government is trying to solve are created by the same state: think about the skyrocketing energy bill, a direct result of the energy transition that Rutte-III started in 2017. Many problems are better solved locally and privately.

Strengthening society

Another part of the solution is an extension of this. We must strengthen community ties. Churches, associations, companies, families. People look after each other and tackle problems together. The gas shortage will not disappear, but you will use ingenuity and resilience to cope with the energy crisis.

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Sit less on the smartphone

A prerequisite for a strong society is personal commitment. Specifically: Don’t sit on your smartphone on the bus, but have a chat with a neighbour. Do not eat the food in front of the television in the evening, but eat it together at the table. These are small actions that together can create a turning point in the individualism and state socialism that is killing society.

Return to God

The third – and most important – remedy is a return to God. The gap left by secularization can only be filled by Him. Not of the idols corona, climate and Ukraine.

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