The ultimate guide to the Netherlands: 21 x art and culture around the corner

In the autumn edition of our special In Eigen Land you will find the comprehensive Uitgids; in this online version, we have made a selection of the most beautiful addresses per province.

1. Go for (art) gold in MuseumW, Weert

Municipal museum in Weert.  Photo: Arjen SchmitzHet Gemeentemuseum Weert is sinds 1982 gevestigd in het voormalige stadhuis, 
een markant rijksmonument in het centrum van de stad. Foto: Arjen Schmitz

Weert After a major renovation, the collection of Museum W in Weert is now hidden behind a striking golden facade. The focus is on the art treasures and objects of use of the Dutch Franciscan Order, from archeology to modern art.

2. Busy busy busy in GRID, Groningen

Graphic craftsmanship in the GRID Graphic Museum in Groningen.  Artwork: Phillip Ekwaro Osire DiasporaGrafische ambacht in het GRID Grafisch Museum in Groningen. Kunstwerk: Phillip Ekwaro Osire Diaspora

In the GRID Graphic Museum in Groningen you will learn everything about the graphic craft and graphic art. Against the background of changing exhibitions and workshops on printing and binding techniques.

3. Follow in the footsteps of Bach and Bowie in Groningen

Discover graffiti and street art based on a playlist composed by Groningen musicians, cycle in the dark past light artworks that remain hidden during the day, or hire a musical guide and walk from Bach to Bowie through four centuries of music history.

4. Take a cultural Eleven Cities Tour

The art project 11 fountains in Harlingen.  Photo: Lydia AnnemaHet kunstproject 11 Fountains in Harlingen. Foto's: Lydia Annema

Thanks to the art project 11 fountains, Friesland has a new Eleven Cities Tour. Eleven fountains, designed by artists from eleven different countries, adorn the eleven most famous Frisian cities. Follow one of the beautiful (urban) walking routes on which you will take in several fountains.

5. Visit the oldest planetarium in the world in Franeker

Visit the oldest planetarium in the world in Franeker.  Photo ANPDe Planetariumkamer en het indrukwekkende raderwerk vormen het oudste planetarium ter wereld dat nog werkt. Foto: ANP

When a local priest predicted the end of time as a result of a collision between Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 1774, amateur astronomer Eise Eisinga determined this.
fake news to disprove. Eise built the oldest working planetarium in the world, a scale model of all known planets under a beautiful blue ceiling, with numerous gears above it that allow the celestial bodies to rotate in a lifelike orbit around the sun. By the time he finished his amazing hobby project, the replica Earth had already completed seven orbits around the sun, mini-Mercury about thirty and Saturn was a quarter of its first orbit.

6. Admire 3D art in the Achterhoek countryside with the Silo Art Tour

Who needs apartment buildings, viaducts and dreary commercial buildings when you can also turn barns, silos and farm buildings into works of art? Achterhoek proves with the Silo Art Tour that you really don’t need to go to the big city for spectacular street art.

7. See modern art on a remnant from the Ice Age at Museum Arnhem

Museum Arnhem.  Photo: Jannes LindersDe nieuwe vleugel van Museum Arnhem verwijst naar de historie van de locatie. Foto: Jannes Linders

After several years of renovation, Museum Arnhem once again welcomes the public with the spectacular eye-catcher of a new exhibition wing that rises fifteen meters above the moraine in the heart of the city. On the facade, 82,000 unique, handmade tiles, with their color transition from ice blue to earth tones, symbolize this glacier-shaped site for the museum. In addition to four additional exhibition rooms, the museum of modern and contemporary art has been expanded with a new depot and a free sculpture garden.

8. Immerse yourself in immersive art in Almere

Immerse yourself in immersive art in Almere.  Photo: UnsplashBij Museum M. beleef je immersieve kunst en landschapskunst gebaseerd op alles om je heen. Foto: Unsplash

We do not have a museum of immersive art in the Netherlands. Not yet, anyway. Museum M in Almere will change that with six large exhibition rooms that are also open in the evening and at night, an art labyrinth and a bar on the roof, where light works of art can be seen. But what exactly is immersive art? Here you will soon enter great worlds of art to experience with all your senses. In this way, challenging future visions of wild nature get all the space they need
NaturAlly: Wild Futurespreview at Museum M, which you can experience until 9 October.

9. Bank at the Palace of Justice in Zwolle

In 2012/2013 the building was extended spectacularly with 'de Wolk' on the roof of the historic building.  Photo: ANPIn 2012/2013 is het Paleis van Justitie spectaculair uitgebreid met 'de Wolk' op het dak. Foto: ANP

The Museum de Fundatie is dedicated to a collection of visual arts, from the late Middle Ages to the present. The building is an attraction in itself: a former Palace of Justice in neoclassical style, with a new oval-shaped exhibition space on the roof.

10. Come face to face with Dino’s at Natura Docet in Denekamp

Natura Docet considers itself the oldest natural history museum in our country – although they disagree on Naturalis. The romantically creaking floors and flawless fossils of an Ichthyosaurus, Stegosaurus and mammoth that emerged from the North Sea make an attractive argument in favor of Tukkers.

11. Hold the fort at the Waterline Museum in Bunnik

In 1672, a French army saw their attempt to conquer our country fail. An ingenious system of flooding, the deliberate inundation of large tracts of land, created a muddy barrier. The water was too deep to march through, but not deep enough to sail across. Later, this line of defense was upgraded with the construction of 46 forts, from the island of Pampus in the Zuiderzee to Biesbosch. In Fort bij Vechten, the second largest fortress in the new Dutch waterway, you will discover how water became our ally.

North Brabant

12. Visit one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands in Heeswijk-Dinther

Castle Heeswijk.  Photo: VisitBrabantKasteel Heeswijk bestaat bijna duizend jaar. De rijke geschiedenis van dit machtige monument 
kan beleefd worden in en rondom het kasteel. Foto: VisitBrabant

In Kasteel Heeswijk, a moated castle more than a thousand years old, the centuries-old cellars have recently been opened to the public. Scaffolding, pillars and other torture devices make it clear that you would rather not be a guest here in the Middle Ages. Now you will discover castle stories that have been hidden for a long time.

13. Be inspired by woolen art at the Museum de Pont in Tilburg

 An old woolen mill and a former textile factory are now large museums.  Photo: Peter CoxEen oude wolspinnerij en moormalige textielfabriek zijn nu geweldige musea. Foto: Peter Cox

In the Museum de Pont, which is housed in an old wool spinning mill, contemporary art of an international scale is presented. The monumental old factory with its large, bright hall and intimate ‘wool shed’ forms an inspiring backdrop for hundreds of artworks by Marlene Dumas, Bill Viola and Anish Kapoor, among others.

North Holland

14. Experience an explosive creative breeding ground at Hembrug in Zaandam

Experience an explosive creative breeding ground in Zaandam.  Photo: Ruben TimmanOntdek een explosieve creatieve broedplaats in Zaandam. Foto: Ruben Timman

On the Hembrug grounds in Zaandam, where firearms, artillery and ammunition for the Dutch army were formerly produced behind high fences, creative entrepreneurs now work in the renovated industrial buildings. Recommended is the Museum of Humanity, where more than seven thousand portraits and stories make humanity shine.

15. Expand your mind at the Museum van de Geest in Haarlem

Museum of the Spirit |  Dolhuys manages the heritage of the mind, in the broadest sense of the word.  Photo: Bastiaan van Musscher Dolhuys beheert het erfgoed van de geest, in brede zin van het woord. Foto: Bastiaan van Musscher 

In the historic Dolhuys in Haarlem, a place where patients with mental problems were cared for in the sixteenth century, you will find the Spirit Museum. A building full of knowledge and art that gives you a different view of reality thanks to the special collection
outsider art. After World War I, great interest in this art movement arose thanks to psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn and his book Picture of the Geisteskranken, featuring artwork by people from psychiatric institutions. Artists such as Karel Appel and Salvador Dalí were inspired by this. And you will undoubtedly also be inspired by this museum.

16. Surrender to the youth atmosphere in Hoorn

In the Museum of the Twentieth Century you will find plenty of youth atmosphere: in an old classroom, a room from the seventies and, yes, in an exhibition about The Henny Huisman Show (until 30 October). Even more nostalgia: At the Kijkbuiskinderen exhibition, you can think about the original dolls Fable magazine and Paul the forest elf
about all the cozy evenings in pajamas on the sofa, in front of the television.

17. Admire vintage cars in the Louwman Museum in The Hague

In the Louwman Museum, you will discover the largest collection of car-related paintings, illustrations, posters, sculptures and trophies in the world.  Photo: ANP

In het Louwman Museum ontdek je de grootste collectie auto gerelateerde schilderkunst,
illustraties, affiches, sculpturen en trofeeën ter wereld. Foto: ANP

It is obviously not a complete collection of more than 130 years of the automotive industry, but the Louwman Museum has assembled an interesting and balanced collection of vintage cars with a sense of historical values. The collection now consists of more than 275 antique and classic cars.

18. Eat with your eyes at the Lisser Art Museum in Lisse

The Lisser Kunstmuseum (LAM) is the food art museum, packed with international masterpieces that have something to do with food, drink or consumption – think a self-portrait of sugar cubes with the magic of Lego or a three-metre-long bunch of moldy grapes made of sparkling gems and pearls. Would you like an appetizer? So prepare your museum visit with the online taste test.

19. Admire street art in the old zoo in Emmen

Anyone with the memory of an elephant will remember: seven years ago the elephant enclosure in Noorder Dierenpark was located on the site of the current Rensen Park. Writer’s Block Murals transformed the empty space left by the gray giants into a new oasis of color: 35 graffiti artists together created over 2,500 square meters of new artwork. Every Saturday and Sunday you can admire the street art during a free tour.

20. Imagine yourself in Shakespeare’s time in Diever

Not only the Shakespeare Theater’s performances, but also the places where they take place deserve an ovation: in the summer in the open, on the edge of the national park Drents-Friese Wold and in the winter in the Globe Theatre, a copy of the famous Globe in London, where several plays by William Shakespeare were first performed between 1599 and 1645.

21. Remember the flood disaster in Ouwerkerk

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On 1 February 1953 the dikes break. The waters of the Baltic Sea, pushed up to unprecedented heights, flow inland, dragging houses and sometimes entire villages with them. More than three hundred people drown. The Flood Museum, located in the four caissons of Ouwerkerk – concrete breakwaters used to seal the damaged dikes – tells the story of the flood disaster, the reconstruction and the floods that still occur around the world.

Does it taste like more? You can read the comprehensive Uitgids with many more tips per province in the fall edition of In Eigen Land!

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