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In anxiety disorders, fear dominates the relationship. Unfortunately, quite a few brand new ones have arrived in the past 2.5 years.

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Anxiety disorder

A good friend of mine does not dare to ride in an elevator. I live on the 9th floor and when he comes to visit he always takes the stairs. I also know quite a few people who absolutely do not dare to fly, and some with a fear of pollution. These are called phobias, anxiety disorders. The first two are forms of claustrophobia.

I’ve talked to both the friend who doesn’t dare to ride in an elevator and one who doesn’t dare to fly, and I notice that they rationally recognize that that fear is unfounded. Virtually no planes crash, and it’s rare for an elevator to hang still for a long time, let alone crash. However, it does not ensure that the person then enters the elevator or the plane.

It is, as they say, “between the ears”. And it is apparently caused by a fear that is much stronger than the relationship. (Just as there are many more fears, for example of spiders.)

Now I think it’s very annoying for my boyfriend that he doesn’t dare to go in the elevator, but I personally don’t suffer from it. In any case, he probably gets a little less than if I lived in a ground floor apartment. But suppose he was Minister of Health and he announced that no one should be allowed to take the elevator anymore because elevators are dangerous, I don’t think anyone would take him seriously and he would soon be minister-done.

New anxiety disorders

In the last 2.5 years I have come across many new forms of anxiety disorders.

It started with the image we got from the first Corona fireplaces. In the Netherlands, I think the images from Bergamo hit home the hardest. The pictures from the hospitals, but also the trucks with coffins, because there was not enough space in Bergamo to bury people. It was also the phase when numbers like “3% will die from it” were circulated. The whole of the Netherlands reacted as if we had our own version of an Ebola outbreak. You could see fear in the eyes of many when they went outside, and shopping carts were only touched after they had been thoroughly cleaned.

Only if you followed the government rules (1.5 meters, wash your hands, cough into your elbow and stay home with complaints) would you be safe, people were indoctrinated in all sorts of ways.

With each wave that came up to the beginning of this year, people became afraid again. If they didn’t follow those rules (plus ventilation, which was added in the middle of last year and, of course, repeated vaccinations), they were at significant risk. Either to get seriously ill himself, or even worse, to make his loved ones ill.

We have never seen large opposing forces in the media that forcefully put these dangers into perspective. Nor that it was properly explained how the infection progressed, or how much less your risks were if you had already had the virus, or followed a certain lifestyle, or took certain supplements.

And this is one of the reasons why we still see different variants of Corona phobias. Fear-based disorders that have no rational basis but can have a major impact on that person’s life.

I will now go through a few of them with examples, and will add more later.

Even a breath with the Coronavirus in it can make me sick

What strikes me when I follow the statements on twitter especially in the US is how a number of prominent people, who early indicated that the virus is spread through the air, are terribly afraid to be in indoor spaces without the best mouth. -nose mask they have. can have. A good example is Prof. Kimberley Prather. This physicist was also very outspoken in spring 2020 about the airborne virus. And she also helped write that letter to the WHO in the summer of 2020.

But this tweet from last week shows how anxious she is about the virus. Not only does she always wear the Powercom K95 face mask in indoor areas where she is with others, but in this tweet she also describes what she did when she had to take off the face mask to identify herself:

So she indicates that she then holds her breath for fear that she would otherwise inhale virus particles!

She has more than 80,000 followers with whom she shares this fear phobia. The more than 100 comments below this tweet show people doing the same, or even giving “better” advice.

Corona phobias - 49146

This chemical engineer with 11,000 followers advises not only to hold your breath, but also to exhale slowly through the nose, so that still no stray virus particles enter the nose.

If you really think like these two scientists that if you inhale once or twice in an indoor space without a mask you can get sick, that is an anxiety disorder. Because that danger is zero. Because it is about the viral doses that should not be too high, while smaller doses can actually be good. I have written many articles about it on this site. But most doctors don’t mention this and even insist that regularly disinfecting your hands helps prevent you from getting Covid-19.

Many people together, then many will be infected

I read a disturbing tweet after there was a major event for the nursing staff at the Ziggodome. The director of OLVG had posted this tweet about it.

Corona phobias - 49147

If you read the comments below this tweet, most people thought this was a completely irresponsible meeting of the health care professionals. It would be a super spread event and the virus would be brought back to the hospitals.

It’s as if the healthcare workers, if they hadn’t gone to this event, would have all stayed at home and not met other people elsewhere. And if you look at the overview of the subjects for those who tested positive at the GGD in the week after this event (for what it’s worth), we see the same trend among health professionals as among the other professional groups.

But there is no room for ratio if you have an anxiety disorder.

I still remember well how a good acquaintance of mine, with a father over 80 years old, wanted to chase everyone who was in groups of 3 or more in Vondelparken in the spring of 2020. (A bit like minister Grapperhaus also did). Because she really felt that those people were committing some kind of attempted murder on her father through their behavior.

Fortunately, due to the normalization of society, I see part of the Corona phobias disappearing in more and more people. But I’m afraid that if the numbers go up again and everything is done to get more people vaccinated, it will automatically activate the dormant phobias.

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