New packaging solutions

Spanish Veripack will present a new approach to sustainability at the Madrid fair with innovative products and materials and increased customer support. The Guillin Group, of which Veripack is a part along with Nespak and Dynaplast, continues to live up to its name as a packaging specialist and also continues to invest in developing not only new plastic and carton solutions, but also services to help customers with to make their choice.

“The priority remains to help our customers choose the right packaging for their specific applications, which always guarantees the best preservation and protection of the fruit and vegetables while avoiding food waste,” reads a note from the company.

The company plans to diversify its offering through a new mix of materials that will be showcased at Fruit Attraction, where Veripack will welcome the public at stand 3D11, Hall 3.

“Safety, durability and ease of use are the factors that Veripack works on when developing new solutions. We have developed innovative products with different materials based on customers’ specific applications and needs, without losing sight of the consumer. In addition to the conservation of food in the best possible way, our goal is to reduce the impact of packaging. Ecodesign is central to us to enable people to consume products in an environmentally friendly way, while avoiding economic and social sustainability. overlooked, ” the company memo continues.

The company will also present a new line of corrugated trays with recycled PET lids (Agripack Series) and a line of solid cardboard trays with recycled PET lids (Maxipack Cardboard Lid Series). They are made of special water-resistant paper, as moisture build-up is a common problem in cardboard packaging used for fruit and vegetables. These packages can be stacked, which facilitates administration at the point of sale and improves visibility in the fruit and vegetable department. All trays can be printed with high-resolution printing techniques.

The innovation also continues in the range of pre-cut products with bowls in recycled PET with anti-fog treatment and better product visibility. It also allows for the addition of innovative inserts for increased volume and visibility in the cold store.

There is also Eco Soft, a tray made of one material, namely R-Pet, with a ventilated bottom. This packaging has received very positive feedback from customers as it preserves the quality and integrity of delicate fruits such as strawberries without the bubble wrap, which is usually made of a different material than the tray and thus limits proper recycling.

Within sustainability, the company continuously searches for concrete solutions such as the POP project (Prevented Ocean Plastic). Together with the Guillin Group, Veripack joins the POP project to create products with the recycling of bottles recovered in the areas bordering the sea in poor countries in Southeast Asia.

In addition to domestic recycled PET, these POP products also contain a significant proportion of PET from bottle recycling from various parts of the world, primarily Indonesia. For example, Veripack, together with the Guillin Group, helps the local Indonesian population not only to improve the quality of the environment, but also the quality of life by creating work and spending money on social and cultural initiatives.

In addition, Veripack, together with the Guillin Group, specializes in measuring the environmental impact of materials to support their customers in choosing the best solution, also from a sustainability point of view.

The company can provide the customer with the LCA study (Life Cycle Assessment) with advanced and internationally recognized software that estimates the overall environmental impact of the packaging based on scientific data about the life cycle of the packaging. Customers can therefore make informed choices based on reliable and measurable information.

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