‘Peeping at Artists’ Prepares for Third Edition: “Thirty Artists and Six Locations”

On 15 and 16 October, the third edition of ‘Peaking at Artists’ will take place in six places in the Tielt region, where the artist Marc Vanhecke, his wife Nellie Defour and Carlos Laethem are also the big ones this year. No less than 30 artists participate in this edition.

“In the past, Marc attended the event every year Neighbors at Kunstnere that took place all over West Flanders”, starts Nellie Defour, Marc Vanhecke’s wife. “When at the beginning of 2020 it was decided to stop this event, we were very sad because it was an excellent opportunity for many artists to show their work to the public. Marc and I quickly got the idea to restart this, albeit in a limited form, in our own region. Some fellow artists were happy with this idea and so in October 2020 it was decided for the first time Looking at artists organized. Seven artists participated in the first edition and we had a good turnout, so it was quickly decided to organize the event again. In 2021, the number of participating artists was increased to fifteen, and it was again a great success. We didn’t hesitate this year, but we went for it again.”


“Our original goal was also to organize an activity that did not entail large costs for the artist. Too often I notice that when Marc wants to participate in an exhibition or activity, one of the first questions is to transfer a certain amount for the participation. We wanted to demonstrate that it is also possible without major costs. With us, the costs for folders, banners… are simply shared by the participants. It keeps the threshold low to participate, even for beginners, which is probably part of the success. We also deliberately want to keep it limited to as few places as possible (preferably not too far apart) so that visitors can visit all places by bike or by taking a short trip by car. Finally, we stick to the third weekend in October in terms of date. It was at Neighbors at Kunstnere already like that, and that creates clarity for everyone.”

A work of art will also be raffled in some places


“I’m very happy to be able to participate after the fire we had about three months ago,” says Marc. “At first I didn’t have a good eye for it, but with the help of a number of friends and an artist friend, I got some of my pictures clean again, and now my gallery is more or less presentable. Of course, there is still work to be done. For example, I still have no fixed power in my workhouse. When I meet the people below Looking at artists will undoubtedly be an emotional moment for me.”

Information booklet

“All of the above has resulted in 30 artists participating this year,” continues Carlos Laethem. “This is spread over six locations. Marc Vanhecke exhibits in his own gallery at Muizelaarstraat 22 in Pittem. We from Studio Cas&Car were again given the opportunity this year to exhibit in the lighting shop L’Ombre at Moortelmeers 3 in Pittem. The Pittem art circle Ter Cauwe participates this year for the first time and will immediately do so with nine members who will exhibit a number of disciplines. They have found accommodation in the old boys’ school in Eikeldreef in Pittem. The members of Tielt Keramiekatelier Keramos play on site and show their skills with nine in the room next to the church in Sint-Antoniusstraat in the ‘t Veld district of Ardooie. Six artists exhibit together in Atelier Clay-Obscuur at Ardooiestraat 42 in Koolskamp. The last place is in Kunstflits in Gentstraat 8 in Ingelmunster, where four artists exhibit together. You can start at random and there is free entry. In addition, a piece of art will be raffled off at some locations. A handy information booklet will be available to visitors at all locations.” (JG)

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