Terra Madre & Salone del Gusto attract more than 350,000 visitors

We were there again this year Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2022ends the largest sustainable food fair in the world after 5 days in Piedmont’s capital Turin. It was a feast for the senses and of course we participated with great enthusiasm by tasting everything. By the way, there were more than 3000 delegates from 130 countries this year, so it wasn’t just Italy that participated, and if we had had more time, you probably should have sent us rolling home.

In addition to tasting and eating, there is of course also a serious side to the message at this 4 annual fair. “For five days, Terra Madre was politically active: food, economy, climate, social,” said president of Slow Food Italy, Barbara Nappini. Terra Madre is a popular festival, proof that good, clean and honest food is an element of joy and a bridge of peace between people. But this edition strongly confirms the realization that food production is also an extraordinary tool to fight the climate crisis and social inequality.”

Photo gallery Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

This 14th edition of Terra Madre was organized by the city, i.a Turinthe region piedmont and of course our friends from Slow food. Over 350,000 visitors were counted over the five days Parco Dora from the city of Turin. A reclassified industrial area where these kinds of events and manifestations now take place. It is the second time that the Slowfood Beurs concentrates on this place, because the years before ingotthe old Fiat factory used for the fair.

Lots of interest from young people at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre

Many young people at the Terra Madre - Salone del Gusto fair

This year it was a food festival for and by young people: Tens of thousands attended and led peer debates and workshops on agriculture and the Slow Food Youth Network. According to Slow Food, the emphasis is on the importance of the earth as a source of food and not laboratories where genetic manipulation is carried out, the earth is where fair food is born, and that is the message at the Terra Madre fair.

A world food exhibition

Biodiversity begins in the meadow, where herbaceous species spontaneously arise: a project was presented at Terra Madre, which aims to protect these meadows and increase their surface area, so that dairy products from the animals that graze here can offer much more nutritional value. In addition, there is a project for the protection of farm animals, called Pets deserve respectso that they are not only seen as means of production.

A cultural meeting at the Terra Madre Salone di Gusto

The project Slow fiber network is still in the development phase, hopefully Slow Food’s promotion and support will contribute to a deeper discussion and positive development within the textile sector, where sustainable processes must contribute to a cleaner environment, which can also lead to better and sustainable products.

Festive traditions go hand in hand with good and honest food at Salone del Gusto

Restoration of chestnut forests in Italy

A new project has also started in Italy, which received the necessary attention at the fair. Regeneration of chestnut forests in the Castanicoltori network. The chestnut is an extraordinary fruit and used to be very important in Italy, especially for its nutritional value, gastronomic versatility, possibility of conservation, drying or processing into flour, bread, pasta.

Chestnut trees capture CO2, maintain hillsides otherwise prone to landslides and mudslides, and also prevent forest fires if properly maintained. A well-maintained chestnut forest means beauty and thus value, careful and respectful tourism. Chestnut cultivation, which was put aside after the Second World War, is undergoing a period of renewed interest. The desire to restore the chestnut heritage and the culture of chestnut cultivation is widespread, but it is necessary to form a network of all those who have the will to commit, give them a voice and have the tools to act. That is why Slow Food has decided to create a network of chestnut growers.

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