Students Vindicat and Albertus throw food, plates and glasses in Sushi Mall Groningen. Families run away angry

A group of 90 students has rocked the Sushi Mall in Groningen so much that other guests left early. The students threw plates and glasses through the store. “I’ve been a regular there for years, but I’ll never go back.”

It wasn’t as colorful as in 2017, when a few hundred students from Vindicat demolished Sushi Mall. But for other guests, the cozy family meal was completely ruined.

Having a nice dinner with the family ends in disappointment

A father, out to dinner with his wife and children (12, 8 and 1 years old) to celebrate their youngest’s first birthday, interrupted the party early. “It was such a bad example for our children that we had to leave. The staff were treated shamefully and the food was mainly used for throwing away. I don’t mind them being gross. I was young myself. This was just a little more than that. It was so intense that my son wanted to protect my daughter,’ he wrote to the editors on Sikkom’s website.

Reporter Willem Groeneveld will take a look at himself. When you enter Sontplein, it becomes immediately clear that something is really wrong. A group of about twenty men are panting noisily at the door. One of the students leaves the group to piss in a tree. Meanwhile, the food also flies through the air outside. And beer with glasses around. Glass shattering ensues.

Grandpa’s birthday ends with the police calling

A mother with two older children walks on the sidewalk opposite the entrance. They called the police ten minutes ago because things are getting under control inside and outside Sushi Mall. “They throw everything away,” hissed the son. “Beer, glass, everything flew through the air. Terribly anti-social.” His mother adds: “We were here with the whole family to celebrate grandpa’s eightieth birthday. Fortunately, our time is over. I just hope the police come soon.”

Inside it’s chaos. The floor has become a beer roller coaster. There is glass everywhere. The tables to the left of the hallway in the back area are deserted and a mess. Food is strewn across the wooden floor, as is beer. The plates are broken. Glass on barrels.

The other tables in this section are still being filled out. By dozens of young students. “Not from Vindicat”, says one of them, having just been handed a jug of beer. He says this group is not responsible for the mess. The guilty students were further down, where the tables are now empty. “It was a group of Vindicat, they started throwing all sorts of things and then a bit of a fight broke out. But they have now been sent away.”

Sushi Mall staff won’t say anything. Even when the police have arrived, employees insist that everything was okay. “They’re young boys,” an employee gloats to an officer. “Sometimes things happen. But it wasn’t a big deal.”

Answer Vindicate

It is the same reflex as five years ago. Then the owner even forbade the staff to talk to the press. He himself flatly denied everything. The then rector of Vindicat flatly denied it then as well. It’s different now.

Adriaan Zoetmulder, the new principal of Vindicat, put on his clothes late Thursday night and gave a comprehensive answer on Friday morning: ,,Different groups of Albertus Magnus and Vindicat ate at Sushi Mall. There was an outcry. Food was thrown and plates and glasses fell. We strongly reject that. We immediately contacted Albertus and went to a restaurant with two people from our board and Albertus’ board that same evening.”

“Fortunately, it went well with the employees, and we have apologized on behalf of the associations. In addition, we will of course reimburse the damage, and the first-years involved will be held responsible. They must also personally apologize and then there will be a meeting between the board, the members involved and the mayor. Albertus’ board of directors and their involved first-year students are also involved.”

,, Together with the student unions in Groningen, we want to discourage this behavior. Finally, the members in question are suspended for a minimum of 72 hours. We will use that time to investigate further and see if further sanctions should be taken.”

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