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Several years ago it was proposed to remove the best before date for certain foods because they are almost impossible to spoil. Now, most products still have a best before date, but it is not necessary to stick to it. Radar therefore tells you for which products you don’t have to worry about the date.

This best before date is mandatory on the packaging, but the product can also be sold after this date. There is a shelf life date on products that can only be stored for a short time and should therefore be monitored more closely. After this date there is a risk of food poisoning.

But which products can you still eat after the expiry date?

Dried pasta and rice

Dried pasta and dried rice are easy to store for a long time. If you have bought pasta and rice in larger bags that tear easily, it is a good idea to transfer them to storage cans or glasses. That way, your pasta is kept dry and dark.

It’s not a big problem with pasta if it’s not packed airtight. As long as no water or moisture is added, it cannot rot and can last for a number of years.

Flour and flour

With these products it is very important that they are stored in a dry place. As long as no moisture is added, you can store these products for more than a year. To prevent moisture from entering, it is best to store these products in a separate sealed jar or storage container if you have already opened the bag once. As long as it is not discolored or has bugs walking in it, your flour is still edible.


When stored properly, coffee can last for years before it goes bad. Although the coffee is no longer fresh after a while and some of the flavor is lost, it is not spoiled yet. If you open a new package, you must immediately pour it into an airtight and resealable coffee can. Coffee in an opened package can lose all its flavor after a few days.

In addition, it is important with coffee to keep it dry. Once the coffee has become wet or damp, it is no longer safe to drink because mold spores can form.

Dried beans and legumes

You know those bags of dried split lentils, peas or beans? You can also leave these products in your kitchen cupboard for years, provided they are stored in good conditions. Avoid the plastic bags in which you buy the dried legumes and beans and transfer them to airtight, dark glass.

After a number of years, the nutritional value of these foods will decrease somewhat, and after five years there is a chance that most of the vitamins have also disappeared.

Dried herbs

Dried herbs also last for years. So you don’t have to worry about the jars you have in your cupboard. However, it is advisable to always store the herbs in a closed package and, if possible, store them in the dark. Eating very old herbs will not make you sick anyway, the only thing that can happen is that it loses the flavor or potency of the herb.


In principle, honey has an unlimited shelf life, so you can use it for a number of years. Even if the jar is already open, honey can be kept for a very long time due to its high sugar content, low moisture content and certain enzymes.

After some time, honey may crystallize, but this does not mean that the honey is no longer edible or no longer good. Honey is best stored in a closed jar at room temperature and in a dark place.

You can do this when in doubt

Do you generally follow these rules, but are you unsure whether that package of pasta has been sitting in the cupboard for three or four years? If you’re not sure if it’s still edible, use your senses. So look carefully; is there mold on the food or do you see strange spots? Smell; if the pasta smells really musty and rotten, leave it alone.

And taste; For example, if you open a can of canned food, it can’t hurt to smell it and taste it a little to see if it’s still edible. Assuming that you have carefully checked whether there is no mold or insects in the food.

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