Emergency landing by plane causes annoying after-effects

Athens 04.10.2022 – The emergency landing made by a Naaldwijker at Frankfurt on Monday morning with flight HV 5801 caused a lot of discomfort for a couple from De Lier in the aftermath.

Because the Transavia plane had problems with the air pressure, the passengers were later in the day affected from Frankfurt on another flight to Tel Aviv.

The passengers who wanted to fly back to the Netherlands on the first flight from Tel Aviv were now the cigar. Their flight to the Netherlands on Monday afternoon (departure at 12:40) was cancelled. To make matters worse, all the hotels in Israel were full because of the great Yom Kippur festival. According to the woman from Lier, they flew to Athens much later to find shelter for this group. They arrived there at 2.30am on Tuesday night, but it was hours before a hotel was found. It only happened at 06.00.

The passengers then went back to the airport at 12.00 to be told that the flight at 14.30 had been postponed again to 17.45. This was again delayed to 18:30 for no reason. ‘We are slowly going crazy from exhaustion’, after which Westlanders.nu was tipped off about the state of affairs. When asked, a spokeswoman called back immediately.

Very short fuses
The reason the passengers were in Athens was related to the Jewish holiday, but the flight delay was due to some passengers who were now white-hot because they could not celebrate Yom Kippur with their family due to the aftermath. Transavia had a crew flown in from Amsterdam, but because it was feared that there would be disturbances on board during the flight, it was postponed a couple of times. In the end, the flight to Schiphol from Athens departed at 18.30.

KLM and Transavia ready with aso passengers
Since September 29, KLM and Transavia have shared data on passengers who have been placed on the No Fly list due to unacceptable behavior on board or on the ground. Passengers will be banned from flying for five years with either airline if they misbehave on a Transavia or KLM flight. This makes KLM and Transavia the first airlines in the world to exchange passenger data with the No Fly List. The airlines are also calling on politicians and (international) policy makers to make it possible to exchange data on these individuals with other airlines.

By extending a flight ban at Transavia to KLM and vice versa, the extent of the measures taken will be increased. A passenger flying with a KLM or Transavia ticket and placed on the ‘No Fly List’ has less chance of jeopardizing flight safety with the other airline again. This should contribute to increasing flight safety. In addition, these measures have a preventive effect.

Sharing threatening images with digital applications such as Airdrop is also not accepted. Daan Pijzel, head of the service cabin at Transavia: “We stand for our people and also for our passengers, and safety on board is always a top priority. If there are people on board who display unacceptable behavior, a very threatening situation arises in such a small space. Regardless of whether it is physical violence or the sharing of threatening images via, for example, Airdrop. We see it happen more often, most recently on a flight to Croatia. What can be described as a “joke” is creating a lot of unrest among passengers, including children. And this behavior is also unacceptable to our own crew. Not being able to fly for five years with both Transavia and KLM is a strong signal and does justice to the precarious situation such a passenger causes.”

Unacceptable behavior on board is a growing problem. In times of corona, the number of reports of this behavior on board grew. At KLM there are on average 5 reports per month of unacceptable behavior where passengers are banned from flying, at Transavia it is on average once a month. Although the number of reviews fell after corona, the airlines are now experiencing an increase again. This behavior at high altitude has a major impact on both passengers and crew on board the aircraft.

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