Municipal secretary/general director

Are you the best municipal secretary for Heumen municipality?
Do you want to be the board’s first advisor and strategic sparring partner and ensure the realization of our administrative ambitions? Do you see it as a challenge to shape the further development of our organization together with department managers and employees? So answer now. Tell us how you can make a difference to the Heumen community and our region. And from what vision and with what ambition you know how to connect people to achieve the best results together.

About Heumen municipality
The municipality of Heumen has more than 16,500 inhabitants and is located south of Nijmegen. We are a rural community in a green environment, with lots of space, peace and varied landscapes. The municipality consists of 4 village centres: Malden, Heumen, Overasselt and Nederasselt, each with their own character. Life, life and work are good there. There are plenty of facilities in the municipality and, in addition, the facilities in nearby Nijmegen make our municipality extra attractive.

Board and organization
The municipal council in Heumen consists of 17 councilors and has 7 political groups: Democraten Gemeente Heumen (DGH) with 6 mandates, VVD with 2 mandates, GroenLinks with 2 mandates, PvdA with 2 mandates, CDA with 2 mandates, D66 with 2 mandates and De Kiezersclub with 1 seat. The parties DGH, VVD and GroenLinks together form the coalition with 10 seats. In June, they put their common ambition in the coalition agreement 2022-2026: “Inhabitants centrally, naturally together”.

In addition to the mayor, the college of mayor and councilors consists of 4 councillors.

Mayor Minses was appointed on 13 January 2022, the four councilors have been new to the municipality since June 2022. Together with the temporary secretary, the executive board works under the heading ‘cooperation based on trust’ on own management development and on the interaction with the organisation. You take over this role as the new municipal secretary.

Our organization with approximately 130 employees is led by MT, which consists of the municipal secretary and five department heads. As municipal secretary, you manage MT and the staff. The personnel team consists of 4 employees who primarily deal with broad operational management, regional cooperation and organizational development. As municipal secretary/general manager, you are also a concern controller. The organization has an open, informal atmosphere and short lines of communication and operates from the core values: connection, involvement, reliability and integrity, doing together and being effective. There is a high degree of commitment and loyalty among the employees. In short, it’s nice to work there!

What do you want to do?
Society is changing, and the tasks for the municipality are becoming larger and more complex. In the strategic vision 2030 ‘Naturally with all’ and in the coalition agreement 2022-2026, the vision and ambitions for Heumen municipality for the coming years are formulated.

In addition to the regular tasks of the municipal secretary/general manager, you will particularly focus on the following:

College and council
You control the quality and integrity of official advice. You are sufficiently informed about the content to fulfill your role as the first advisor. You provide invited and unsolicited advice. You hold up a mirror to the board members, both collectively and individually. You monitor the implementation of decisions. In your collaboration with the mayor, you contribute to a relationship of trust where anything can be said. You form the triangle with the mayor and the clerk. Common interest, reciprocity and role stability are key concepts here.

Administrative-official interaction
You are the binding factor in this interaction, where your role as the first advisor to the board and the person responsible for the official organization come together. You ensure a balance between administrative ambition and official capacity. You see the bigger picture and the context. You have an eye for relevant/management-sensitive details, without ending up in the implementation yourself.

Organization and further development
As day-to-day manager, you are visible, recognizable and accessible to all employees. Together with MT, you focus on the further development of the organisation. The choice for hybrid work has consequences for the work processes and the layout of the building. This choice will be further shaped and developed in the coming years. Cooperation and integrity require your special attention in this context.
MT is characterized by loyalty and continuity and works together on a more common and strategic agenda. The distinction between what applies throughout the organization and what is specific to the department could be sharper. As daily manager, you have a pioneering role in this.
As WOR director, you contribute with an open attitude to constructive consultation with the Cooperation Council, where equality and respect for everyone’s position and responsibility is central.

The culture in the civil service organization can be described as loyal, involved and dedicated. People know each other and have something for each other. The trick is to preserve the goodness of this ‘family culture’ while introducing some commercialization, for example in ‘addressing behaviour’. You stimulate personal development, ownership and responsibility among management and employees. As an employer, you are explicitly aware of the organisation’s attractiveness for both future and current employees.

Heumen municipality, including tasks and challenges
You get a feel for the scale and culture of the municipality and the multi-centredness, where each village has its own identity. You are curious about the individuality of the villages and their inhabitants. With regard to (larger) projects – such as the housing projects Kanaalzone and Vitaal Centrum Malden – you are sufficiently informed to act as a sparring partner for administrators and colleagues. You invest in a network and in connections, which can be useful. You are willing to participate in the college’s representative tasks. You move easily between different types of interlocutors and switch smoothly between different communication styles.

You commit to our ambition to be an inclusive society where everyone can participate and contribute to the best of their abilities. An inclusion agenda is being drawn up, where we put a lot of focus on the trust between residents, politics and government. Inclusion and trust are the cornerstones of all political spearheads.

Cooperation in the region
Heumen Municipality works closely with regional partners to maintain our facilities and the quality of service to our residents. The basic principle is that we organize locally and locally what is directly important to the residents and what we ourselves can do well. We do things that are better organized on a larger scale together with the region. We mainly focus on Rijk van Nijmegen. In a larger context, we are part of the Arnhem-Nijmegen capital region. From an active commissioning point of view, our focus is on the Werkbedrijf and the Nijmegen Region Environment Service (ODRN). As municipal secretary, you stimulate these partnerships and represent Heumen’s interests in a constructive way. You contribute to Heumen municipality’s positioning in the region. You ensure a good supply of information between management, organization and partners and vice versa.

Who are you?
You recognize yourself in the following qualifications:

  • you are a strong leader with courage, vision, determination and persuasiveness
  • you connect to management, organization and environment
  • you are strategic and analytically strong
  • you are politically-administratively sensitive
  • you have strong communication and consulting skills
  • you have a vision for organizational development and know how to translate this into support and results
  • you have a sense of perspective and humor.

What are we asking?

  • WO working and thinking level.
  • You would like to have experience as a municipal secretary or experience at board or management level in a municipality.

What do we offer you?
Depending on your education, knowledge and experience, the maximum salary is €7,269 (scale 14) gross per month for a full-time position. In addition, you get an Individual Choice Budget of 17.05%, which you can use, for example, to buy extra leave. We have flexible working hours and options to work from home. After one year, we offer you a permanent contract if you perform adequately.

What now?

  • Gert-Jan Jongkind, director of Bestman Governance & Management, supports Heumen municipality during the application procedure. If you have any questions about the profile or the procedure, you can contact him on phone 06-50244791.
  • We ask you to upload your motivation letter and CV if you are interested in this position. In connection with the rules regarding privacy/GDPR, you can only respond via the website
  • Obtaining references and submitting a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is part of the procedure.
  • An assessment and an integrity scan may be part of the procedure.
  • You can respond no later than Friday, October 14.

Planning the interview dates, an assessment, conditions for the employment interview and any other contact points will follow as soon as possible.

  • Go to the vacancy on the website
  • By clicking on ‘Apply’ you will be taken to the website where you can upload your letter and CV. You can indicate there that you agree to our privacy rules.
  • You will then automatically receive a confirmation of receipt.

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