‘Van Kooten and the beat’ in Klein Teater Dinxperlo


DINXPERLO – The next performance in Klein Theater Dinxperlo is on 22 October. Then Kasper van Kooten comes to Dinxperlo with his new show. An interview about his new performance ‘Van Kooten en de beat’.

Why the particular title?
Yes, I am so proud of that. Best so far. Of course, it was only possible once, and it was made for me. Of course: it’s a nod to where I come from, but it also hits so incredibly well because of course it’s my name and the rhythm, the drums are my lifeline, the beat! It is my musical autobiography, which was published as a book earlier this year by De Bezige Bij (ed.)

What will people see now that the book hits the shelves?
Well, above all, listen! It will be the world’s first LIVE audiobook, I think. The audiobook for my book was deliberately not released because I have to do it LIVE in the cinemas, but then is much richer than a read audiobook normally, with of course live music, singing, comedy, stories and a lot of unique photo and video material.

Do you drum yourself?
Yes, but also play the piano, sing and use my loop station, a great sampler, for creating live beats. I also bring an old fashioned cassette recorder to record a cassette especially for someone in the audience each performance. And then I almost forget that I am taking the great musician Frank Stukker with me, with whom I have played for over twenty years. He plays bass, guitar and sings.

Is the majority of the performance music?
No, as people are used to from me, the story, the anecdote, the imitation, the joke always prevails, and so it is now. I play and sing, I think of seven songs, and for the rest of the two-hour performance I tell the true story of a five-year-old boy who had a dream, broke his drum kit with excitement, got a new one and ended up playing the drummer for Acda en de Munnik played in Ahoy. All true, huh? And far too few people know that.

‘The title
is the best
until now’

People know you mainly from TV; All Stars, Moordvrouw, Ventoux, Eyeballs…
Yes, TV is of course and remains the best medium to let many people know you at the same time. And I’ve been trying to get all those people to the theater for twenty years, where I – I think – at least I’m so nice! But not everyone who saw Peter F. de Boer gets off the couch to go to the theater. And of course the last two years didn’t help. This performance (and the book) is there to show how much fun making music has brought to my life. I think relatively few people also know that I was the drummer for Acda en de Munnik, made records with Extince, Bertolf and Candy Dulfer or accompanied Raymond van het Groenewoud on drums. And about the embarrassing photo with Stevie Wonder! Van Kooten and the beat are my ultimate expression of love for the joy that music gives me.

Surely there must have been disappointments in that music too?
Ah, you read the book? Ha ha, yes of course, folks! The record industry was and still is, perhaps tied for first place with the television and film worlds, the most horrible industry there is. Fast guys who can’t do much themselves, but show talent as a sign. It is also about the types that I have always poked through quickly, but always in a humorous way. Misery is best digested by laughing at it. I talk with a lot of openness and self-deprecation about how I got up and kept going again and again, all just to stay play drums! And now I’m finally doing my own show where I can talk about it and play drums. I have the best subject there is!

‘Van Kooten en de beat’ can be seen on 22 October in the Klein Theater Dinxperlo and tickets can be bought via:


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