From electric socks to cooking with mushrooms: tips for autumn

Do: tips for autumn

Tips for effectively dressing warmly indoors

We forgot to dress warmly inside. Why should you if the thermostat ensures a good temperature in the house? Only for some people it will be a very expensive autumn this year, plus it is not the best for the environment. So they look for alternatives. And with the right clothes on, you can get really warm on the sofa: Four tips to efficiently dress warmly indoors (and save money)

You must be aware of this if you want to eat mushrooms

“Leipe” mushrooms, which is looking for expert Natasha Rothengatter for her mushroom stall. Lobster mushroom, from Canada. Matsutake, loved in Japan. She is the perfect woman to tell us what you can and should be aware of when you want to eat mushrooms. For example, can you eat them raw? And can you wash them? You will learn it in this piece: All the flavors of the forest on your plate

This is how you can fire with wood responsibly

Wood-burning stoves do not have a good reputation, not to mention the fireplace, but there are stoves that meet European standards. And in 2022, such a wood-burning stove will suddenly become a surprisingly affordable stoker, because even the more expensive wood is currently cheaper than gas. But how do you get good wood? How do you burn responsibly? And: how do you stack it? NRC explains: Burning responsibly and stacking neatly, that’s how you do it

How to choose rose hips for a real autumn jam

Janneke Vreugdenhil loves rose hips: the beautiful orange-red color, the taste that immediately reminds of Roosvicee from the past. And they are also a superfood. So: just choose? It is not officially allowed in the Netherlands, but in most public places it is allowed to turn the blind eye. As long as you pick yourself and stick to the unwritten rule: one mushroom bowl full, no more. In any case, you can make delicious things with rose hips. Like a rosehip jam with apple and rosemary: Pick the rosehips like skilled highwaymen for a real autumn jam

Thinking in the fall

The weather has lost its innocence

We like to talk about it in the Netherlands and it has always been a safe topic for discussion, but the weather has lost its innocence, argues Christiaan Weijts in an essay. Even the dry statement that it is ‘good and warm’ now has a nasty aftertaste. The weather, he writes, “claims a place in the limelight, forcing us to re-engage with it, to ascribe meaning to it, whether foreboding, warning, or simply confirmation of what is right.” But how do we do it? Here he ponders further: The weather has lost its innocence

Celebrate Autumn like a Druid

The real autumn parties, such as the huge Oktoberfest in Munich, are scarce in the Netherlands. There used to be such traditional harvest festivals. Isn’t it time again? Yes, we’re starting to celebrate Halloween here too, but it’s more of an overly commercial celebration. Can the much more traditional Mabon break through? Read more about this kind of nature religion in this piece: Celebrate Autumn, Like a Druid

More autumn tips

Want to continue reading, hiking, or learning this fall? NRC List a series of autumn pearls from the archive.

Walk along the city of light and starry night

There’s a good reason to get out before dawn, especially in autumn (and winter): morning light works best to ‘reset’ our biological clocks. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy – even on a cloudy day, you’ll always catch more light outside than inside. NRC previously recommended a beautiful route near Eindhoven: Walk along the city of light and starry night

From love to hate: this is how people react to autumn

The transition from summer to autumn is both hated and loved. Renske de Greef and Kasper Soeters illustrate 7 types of people based on their reactions to the change from summer to autumn: from sun cultivators to those who stay indoors. Check them all out here: Seven Reactions to Falling

Walks through the estates at Overveen

Do you like a varied walk through, among other things, North Holland’s nature? In 2017, NRC mapped a versatile route through the estates at Overveen. In 12 kilometers you walk through forests, along buildings and railways, while sound fragments tell you what you see. Watch and listen here: Enjoy the colors of North Holland

Culture on the way: Which plays, exhibitions and works of art are worth seeing next season?

If a rain shower is predicted: There is a lot to see in art and culture this autumn. NRC has previously listed articles that tell you more about the history behind the art, including tips: NRC tips 13 highlights of the new cultural season

Autumn photography: landscape photographer Walter Autumn gives tips

As a landscape photographer, Walter Autumn always works outdoors: “Sometimes it’s your friend, other times your enemy. That’s the risk of the job. That makes it even more exciting.” Autumn, how could it be otherwise, is his most favorite time to photograph. “The colors, the light.” A sneak peek of the veil: “Don’t think: it’s raining, I’ll stay inside.” You can find the other tips from autumn here: ‘Sometimes there’s just that sun or that rain shower that lifts you up a bit’

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