What to do this weekend in Groningen and Drenthe: six tips for fun excursions

Pumpkin picking, Stiefkiekn in ‘t duuster, a musical journey along the Hunebed highway, organic farming, experience the culture of central Groningen or an exciting children’s castle tour in Drenthe’s only castle! Lots to do this weekend in Groningen and Drenthe.

Exciting children’s castle tours at Drenthe’s only castle!

Discover the secrets behind the castle in Coevorden! The Stedelijk Museum Coevorden takes children on an exciting journey of discovery. Accompanied by an enthusiastic museum guide, the children get an interactive tour that appeals to the imagination. You will learn about life at the castle, an environment for knights and ladies in waiting.

The children go from the basements to the high ceiling and hear some stories about the history of this impressive building. Ten trips are planned, the first two are next Sunday at 1pm and 2.30pm. Register via info@museumcoevorden.nl.

What does biodynamic agriculture mean? Discover it yourself!

Ben and Mieke are biologically dynamic farmers on their WaddenMAX Dairy Farm in Hornhuizen. Come and discover what exactly that means and means on Saturday. Meet their cows with horns.

And take a look at the dairy, where Mieke lovingly makes products such as cheese, milk and quark under the name Waddenmax. The tours are at 10 and 14.

A musical journey along the Hunebeds Motorway

Departure from restaurant Groothuis in the center of Emmen Friday during BusPop six American school buses transporting music lovers to three different rural villages. Bands Them Dirty Dimes, Leon Moorman, Greymen play at De Linde in Sleen, Postkantoor in Nieuw Amsterdam and Melody in Barger Oosterveld.

The buses terminate at Cafe Groothuis, where At your Service ends the evening. BusPoP Emmen is a music event for the true lover of live music and stems from a passion for organizing music events. on buspopemmen.nl more information can be found.

Pumpkin picking days and market

Put on your boots and come Pick your own pumpkins Saturday and Sunday from the Oldambtster clay. The educational farm De Nieuwelandse Akker in Oostwold grows different types of organic pumpkins: from the traditional Halloween pumpkin to the Uchiki Kuri pumpkin, for example in soup.

When you have finished picking, you can still visit the market, where more than 25 stall holders offer their various regional products, applied art, home accessories, coffee/tea and all kinds of goodies.

Stiefkiekn in ‘t duuster aka living statues in the dark

Enjoy all living statues in the dark. There can Saturday evening in Westerbork. Along the route there are living statues that illuminate themselves or are in the spotlight. In addition to the living statues, there are also a number of other street acts on the way.

The route is approximately 3.5 kilometers long and goes through the forest and over the heath. Suitable for the whole family. You can start in different places. Because the paths in the forest and on the heath are not always level, it is useful that you bring a flashlight. You can simply follow the indicated route and along the way you will automatically come across the cash register where you can pay your entrance fee. The route can be walked between 19.00 and 21.00.

Experience culture in central Groningen

Experience culture in central Groningen and make Saturday and Sunday your own tour of museums, artists and cultural heritage. See an artist at work, admire the most beautiful churches and museums, enjoy beautiful interiors, impressive engineering, refined wood carving, modern art and all the beauty that central Groningen has to offer.

The employees you meet there speak passionately about their organization or work. You make your own tour along museums, galleries or cultural heritage. Find a few and walk, cycle or drive from tower to sail and from painting to collection. In between, there is plenty of opportunity to satisfy the tasty appetite. See the list of participants on the website discovermidgroningen.nl.

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/agenda

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl

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