Chocolate house Guylian makes the duty-free range more sustainable

The chocolate has been further preserved by Guylian and the packaging has been made fully recyclable

Chocolate – Belgian chocolate brand Guylian, known for its classic seafood, is launching a renewed duty-free range. Master’s Selection has also got a completely new, sustainable look. The renewed collections will be available in travel retail channels and duty-free shops from mid-October.

Guylian has recently worked on making their products more sustainable. For example, the chocolate brand uses only 100% fair trade chocolate and has recently switched to 100% recyclable packaging. Guylian is seizing this moment to introduce a whole new look and feel to the duty-free range – such as the classic seafood, Temptation Mix and tablets. The recipe was also tweaked: the renewed version contains traditionally roasted hazelnuts and focuses on an intense taste experience.

Master selection

The Master’s Selection, Guylian’s premium chocolates available exclusively in travel retail and duty-free shops, has also been given a new look. The chocolates are available in plastic-free boxes of 16 or 25 pieces and are made from fair trade chocolate. These contain no palm oil or soy, in line with Guylian’s sustainability policy. The range consists of six different flavours: coffee cardamom, mocha, almond praline, caramel pineapple, signature praline and orange.

From mid-October, the range will be available within travel retail channels and in duty-free shops at airports, on planes and cruise ships.

Sustainability Guylian

The renewal of the duty-free range and Master’s Selection is part of Guylian’s further sustainability efforts. By moving to 100% fair trade cocoa, $500,000 annually in fair trade premiums will go to West African cocoa farmers and their cooperatives in Guylian’s supply chain. In addition, all packaging is fully recyclable and Guylian’s production facility in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) has been completely CO2 neutral since this year, meaning that CO2 emissions have been reduced to the lowest possible level and all other emissions have been offset.

Source: Guylian/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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