Bedaffair wins award for best sustainable brand

The most sustainable bed store in the Benelux, Bedaffair from Heemstede, has won the award for best sustainable brand. It happened on Friday evening at the vt wonen&design fair in Vijfhuizen (near Haarlem). The jury praised the family business because it works exclusively with natural materials, such as (recyclable) hemp wool, based on conviction and without concessions. “No plastic enters the company here.”

Left: Founders Arend and Marjolein Vaders receive the award at the presentation of the Sustainable Living Awards at the vt wonen&design fair.

The award is one of the Sustainable Living Awards, which this year was created by the fair in collaboration with The Substitute. It is a platform for the sustainable alternative in interior design and renovation. The idea behind the awards is to create a stage for the best climate-friendly housing solutions.

The organization emphasizes the challenges the housing sector is struggling with. For example, we throw away around 247 million kilos of furniture every year, of which less than 10 percent is recycled. The production also involves a lot of CO2 emissions, felling (illegal) wood, and the working conditions are sometimes difficult but uncontrollable because the production mainly takes place in distant countries.

The nominees show that their company and products are good for people, the environment and society. They have been assessed on, among other things, design, materials, production process, working conditions, life extension as well as packaging and transport. With the award for the best brand, Bedaffair defeated, among other things, its closest competitor Auping.

hemp wool
Bedaffair is known for its circular mattresses and box springs. The jury points out that no plastic enters the company. Instead, Bedaffair works with hemp wool (pictured right), horse hair and organic wool. Unlike many other bed companies, the production is not in Asia, but close to home (in Europe). This limits the environmental impact of transport as much as possible and provides insight into the working conditions.

The founders, Marjolein and Arend Vaders, have, according to the jury, ‘a pure vision of natural sleep that is implemented consistently’. In 28 years, the entrepreneurs have developed a great deal of knowledge about the origin and properties of natural materials. “You can sleep on the mattresses for 40 years without any problems. This is because they are built up in layers and can be easily repaired in our own mattress workshop.”

Bedaffair was also in the race for the best sustainable product with its pocket spring mattress, Grand, made from, among other things, organic cotton, wool and hemp. However, that prize was not taken.

The Grand boxspring, one of Heemsteed’s exhibits. The pocket spring mattress of the same name contains linen, hemp, organic cotton and horse hair. With that product, Bedaffair was also in the race for the best sustainable product.

“Heartwarming and an encouragement”
In a reaction, Marjolein and Arend Vaders call the award heartwarming. “Building a successful business from the food bank. It is possible. We are living proof of that, and this award emphasizes that.” In 2013, the couple went bankrupt with the family business they were in with Marjolein’s father. As a result, they were forced to knock on the door of the food bank with their teenage children. With their last money they finally bought 3 beds. They formed the beginning of the present company.

Besides an honor, the award is above all an encouragement to continue on the chosen path. “It is a confirmation that we are at the forefront of our social policy, where effect is number 1. It also indicates that society is ready for the step towards a circular and sustainable industry with respect for Mother Nature, for natural materials that are safe. and be healthy,” said the entrepreneurs.

About Bedaffair
Bedaffair makes sustainable mattresses, beds and boxsprings and bedding in the traditional way. The company uses only natural materials, such as organic wool and organic cotton. Circular hemp wool is used as the first and only player in the bedding industry. The company’s showroom is located in Heemstede. A repair center is also located here. Bedaffair was founded in 2013 by married couple Marjolein and Arend Vaders.

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