The Verspilling is Delicious Foundation publishes new cookbook ‘Delicious Switch’ in collaboration with sustainable influencers and impact partners

The foundation Verspilling is Verrukkelijk, a growing platform of 25+ brands committed to fighting food waste, publishes the new cookbook ‘Delicious Switch’. This cookbook reflects not only the theme of food waste, but also five other themes that play an important role in the transition to a more sustainable food system. For the recipes and the inspiring stories in the book, 12 impact partners and 20 sustainable influencers collaborated.

Nice Switch

In 2021, Verspilling is Delicious published the cookbook ‘Delicious Waste’ to provide inspiration against food waste. With ‘Delicious Switch’, the foundation wants to go a step further by also highlighting other solutions that contribute to a more sustainable food system. Kim Waninge, Chief Community: ‘About a third of the climate impact is due to what is on our plate. A third of all food produced worldwide ends up unnecessarily in the bin. The switch must be turned: it is high time for a ‘switch’ in how we look at our food and how we handle food.’

The additional themes addressed in ‘Delicious Switch’ beyond (food) waste are: plant-based food, seasonal & local, organic, sustainable packaging and fair production and ingredients.

Impact partners and sustainable influencers

A number of experts were involved in the development of ‘Delicious Switch’, which tells everything within the six themes. The 27 recipes are mixed with practical tips and inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and organizations that are actively engaged in a more sustainable food system.

The impact partners Verspilling welcomes Verruklijk are: Albert Heijn, Contronics, Coop, De Smaakspecialist, HelloFresh, Hospitality Group, No Fairytales, PLUS, Samen Tegen Voeding, Seenons and Too Good To Go.

Waste is Delicious is also supported by the DOEN Foundation.

The recipes in the book were created and photographed by 20 content creators or sustainable influencers: The Indigo Kitchen, Laura de Grave, The Veggie Reporter, Nationale Week Zonder Vlees en Zuivel, Zero Waste Nederland, The Zero Waste Project, Zonderzooi, The Vegan Effect, Foxilicious, Dutch Food Heritage, Maartje Borst, Charlottes Food Web, Marleen Visser, The Green Chopstick, Ciel’s Table Tales, The Holy Kauw Company, Telers van de Put, Fork Ranger, OAK Food and ROUX.

Crooked food system

The first edition of ‘Delicious Switch’ contains a notable misprint: the image on the cover is not centered. Waninge: ‘When the box of books was opened, it was a bit of a shock. Something went wrong with the fold edge calculation so the cover image is not centered which was originally the layout. After taking a deep breath, I realized that this is also a nice gimmick and a statement somewhere: our food system is also crooked, and that’s exactly what this book is about. Should there be another printing, this will be restored, as will – hopefully – our food system in the long run. So a limited edition!’

Delicious Switch is available for 18.99 euros in the webshop The profit from the book is used by the foundation to fight against food waste and for a more sustainable food system.

Note: the official book launch with invited guests will take place in November.

About Waste is Delightful

Waste is Delicious is a non-profit foundation of 25+ mission-driven entrepreneurs who create tasty and creative products from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. Think soap and shampoo bars based on coffee grounds and orange peel, beer and biscuits from old bread or syrups from fresh fruit, harvested from the farmer or saved from the container. Each of these entrepreneurs has an amazing and inspiring back story. They realize a shift in the current food system and make an impression with their enthusiasm. Their products contribute to the climate goal SDG 12.3: 50% less food waste in 2030. Companies and consumers can order waste-free lunch boxes with these products via the website Verspilling is Verrukkelijk.

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