JLT Mobile Computers has been selected by A/S Løgstrup-Steel, the leading European switching company

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JLT Mobile Computers has been selected by A/S Logstrup-Steel, the leading European coupling company

Robust forklift terminals from JLT upper wingand the presentationp existing technology thanks to more reliable networks and more efficient operator interactions.

VäxjöSweden, 11 Okaytober 2022 * * * JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer of reliable computing solutions for demanding environments, proved instrumental in helping A/S Løgstrup-Steel solve downtime problems in the warehouse, thanks to modern computer hardware and more robust and reliable network connectivity.

A/S Løgstrup-Steel is a leading Danish manufacturer and supplier of high-quality modular low-voltage systems and switchboards. It designs and develops products that can be adapted to a wide range of application tasks in data center, shipbuilding & offshore, energy & power transmission, building management and manufacturing and process applications.

Such a wide range of usage scenarios results in a multitude of bulky BOMs, all of which must be carefully managed, replenished, tracked and collected correctly for each product variant. To meet these criteria, A/S Løgstrup-Steel uses a central warehouse management system that interacts with forklift terminals. However, the terminals from the previous installation – realized a few years ago – had problems switching between the access points as the forklifts navigated through the warehouse. The resulting outages caused by the network issues often resulted in lengthy reconnect or reboot procedures, all of which took a toll on productive hours at the warehouse.

The company had to find a more reliable solution, but at the same time it had to maintain optimal operational throughput during testing and installation periods. Therefore, A/S turned to Løgstrup-Steel Codeex, a Danish supplier of IT warehouse solutions, to help them evaluate several competing computer systems. After extensive evaluation, the JLT1214™ rugged forklift computer proved to be the ideal solution, not only because of its robust design and operator interactions, but also because of its superior network connectivity.

“We have a robust planning and management system that can handle several tasks at once,” explains Henrik Hansen, IT manager at A/S Løgstrup-Steel. But when the terminals crashed, much of the efficiency we gain with this software was lost to the hardware’s shortcomings. JLT’s forklift terminals supplied by Codeex worked flawlessly for both our employees and the warehouse network connection. And the addition of a keyboard has speeded up the interaction with the operator, so we’ve both optimized our uptime and minimized our downtime.

According to Anette Malmström, EMEA Business Unit Director at JLT “Connectivity is the backbone of modern warehouse applications. It enables employees to connect to business-critical systems in real time and move or select items based on a prescribed list of actions or processes. Poor connectivity interrupts this seamless flow of incoming goods and outgoing products, causing frustration, loss of productivity and ultimately failure to achieve a good bottom line.”

To provide complete peace of mind, A/S Løgstrup-Steel was able to test the JLT terminals for a month to ensure that they not only suited their role as robust forklift terminals, but also addressed the communication challenges faced by the existing hardware. . The tested unit was mounted on a shock and vibration dampening bracket and equipped with a keyboard.

Malmström emphasizes the importance of ‘try before you buy’ when it comes to warehouse automation solutions. “We guide our customers through the steps they need to follow to ensure the best possible performance and return on investment. Obviously, the testing itself is seen as part of the investment, with the aim of trying to identify problems as early as possible before they become too complex and potentially too expensive to resolve later.”

WLAN and Bluetooth on the JLT1214P computer both benefit from JLT’s built-in highly sensitive Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) technology, designed for highly reliable wireless connectivity even in difficult environments with weak or patchy coverage.

Like all JLT products, the JLT1214P logistics computer is completely built to deliver maximum reliability and functionality in demanding environments. A high integration of functions and a compact design ensure a fast, reliable and cost-effective installation even in small spaces. For more information about JLT Mobile Computers, its products and solutions, visit www.jltmobile.com.

About JLT mobile computers

Reliable performance without hindrance. JLT Mobile Computers is a leading supplier of robust mobile computers and solutions for demanding environments. With over twenty-five years of experience in development and production, we succeeded in setting the new standard for robust computers. Excellent quality is combined with expert service, support and solutions; these ensure trouble-free operations for customers in warehousing, transport, manufacturing, mining, ports and agriculture. JLT operates globally from offices in Sweden, France and the USA, supported by an extensive network of local partners. The company was founded in 1994; Shares have been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the symbol JLT since 2002. Eminova Fondkommission AB acts as a certified advisor. For more information, visit www.jltmobile.com.

  • Image: JLT Mobile Computers has been selected by A/S Løgstrup-Steel, the leading European switching company

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