Column: Bok(t) about the price ceiling like a fat cigar from its own box!

Column: Bok

Inflation adjustment of 2 million
Long before the war and the energy crisis, more than 1 million people in the Netherlands lived below the poverty line. Most of them have been doing this for over 4 years! Well, we get used to everything, but we are not that cool a country because our country also has about 30,000 homeless people. And if the energy bill becomes higher than the rent, and it will be, then students, minimum wage earners, retirees and the disabled will have to quit their rent and get on the homeless list! Meanwhile, the number of people living below the poverty line and dependent on the food bank will far exceed the 1 million from 2019. The words of ‘Queen El KaQ’, who leads the gang of villains, including two parties with C for Christian, who ‘we’re all getting a little poorer’, must have sounded terrible to those people! All the more because it is not necessary, but is the result of 12 years of destructive leadership by Rutte! ‘It is painful that the Dutch have difficulty paying their bills’ said our king in the speech written by the cabinet, while he, Máxima, Beatrix and Amalia receive an inflation correction of 2.8% on their already exorbitant allowance of more than 50 million euros a year in addition to all privileges, flights at our expense and many extras !

Poor King’s Day 2023
Well, dear readers, and while it is announced that King’s Day will cost more than 4 million euros in Rotterdam next year, the disaster of rising energy costs continues to roll like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger. The price ceiling, which is held for citizens from 1 January 2023, is even more than a cigar from one’s own box. In addition to the fact that the average budget is low and all use above it becomes unaffordable, people with a ‘heat pump’ (as advised by Faal Hugo de Jonge) who use a lot of electricity do not yet know if they will be compensated, just like people with block heating and entrepreneurs at all don’t know if they will even make it to January, the monkey is coming out of the cabinet sleeve! The VAT on electricity and gas goes from 9 to 21%, you also pay that VAT on the excise duties! The energy tax is not going down, and all this to cover the energy ceiling. Already SME entrepreneurs such as bakers are going out of business or bankrupt, greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs stop and there is therefore a risk of ‘shortage’ of food in addition to high prices! There are about 171 food banks that, with the help of many ‘volunteers and companies’, distribute food packages to people below the poverty line every week, but if there is no or less surplus of food and the demand for it will increase, it will be very difficult !

You never walk Alone
Get used to it, you read, get used to the ridiculously high prices that supermarkets dare to charge for many of their products, price increases exceeding 20%. Get used to the staff shortage causing problems everywhere! Just get used to the lack of hospital beds and hands on those beds, the lack of care for the elderly, which will again be cut by 600 million! It seems that the government sucks the SME and its citizens like a vampire. Get used to the relentless flow of ‘lucky seekers’ coming in every week and undermining the capacity for real refugees! Get used to status holders being prioritized over a house, and as in Utrecht, many subsequently quit their jobs because they are better off with a benefit supplemented with allowances. Get used to the fact that only a very small part of all those we have generously accommodated are willing to make a contribution to society, a society that is becoming more and more disturbed with all sorts of consequences. There will soon be a lot of ‘social poverty’, which means that people will not be able to participate in normal social life because, for example, there is no money for a sports club, for school activities, an outing with the elderly. association and the like! It will be a sausage for politics, maybe that is their agenda. Ed Bok

Ed Bok

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