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The municipal information page Nu & Morgen is published weekly and contains all announcements and mandatory publications from Heusden municipality. Below you will find Nu & Morgen of week 41 and the archive for the last five weeks.

In Nu & Morgen in week 41 there is attention to the exhibition ‘they live happily ever after’, announcement of a public information meeting, fresh start, Sjors Sportief and Sjors Creatief, National Recycle Week and objection committee.

Exhibition ‘they live happily ever after’
On 16 October, the exhibition ‘Do they live happily ever after?’ opened in Cultuurtoren Honsoirde. The exhibition uses art to depict how complicated a relationship can be and that not everyone lives happily together. After the opening of the exhibition, Ernst and Luim perform the piece they have created especially for the Happy Life campaign. read more here

Public information meeting announcement
The councilors in Heusden will meet on Wednesday 19 October. The meeting can be followed via live stream at and starts at 19.30.
The agenda and the associated documents can be found at under ‘organisation and management’ / ‘meetings’. For the speech, we refer to the agendas on the website.
Information meeting 19 October 2022: The agenda includes:
• Council’s information letter Design Environmental Vision of 20-09-2022
• Final decision regional land management memorandum
• Investigate financial instruments locally owned sustainability projects
• Area plan Rotunda Abt van Engelenlaan Nieuwkuijk
• Agenda Council’s information letter Delay in the realization of the Hooibroeken solar park dated 13-09-2022
• Put answers to questions on the agenda according to art. 43 RvO van Heusden Transparent re. Housing regulation for caravan pitches 1999 dated 13-09.
• Agenda Answers to questions, e.g. art. 43 RvO van Heusden Bint on violation of the principle of legal certainty dated 20-07-2022
• Agenda Answers to questions, e.g. art. 43 RvO van Heusden Bint on violation of the legal certainty principle dated 11-08-2022
• Agenda Answers to questions, e.g. art. 43 RvO van Heusden Connects regarding ultrafine particle emissions and health risks for residents of Heusden dated 20-07-2022
• Agenda for the Council’s information letter Proposal for land registration of landlords.

Fresh start
Whether you are young or a little older: everyone can experience loneliness. In many cases, anyone who feels lonely wants to get rid of this feeling. But how does one do that? It is not as easy to solve as ‘getting among the people’. That’s why Bijeen introduces the free course ‘Fresh start’, especially for residents of Heusden who (sometimes) feel lonely and would like to make more contacts.
During the ‘Fresh start’ meetings, we will map what the meaning of loneliness is, how you think and what you feel. We give tips to do things differently and feel better about yourself. In this way, we build on your self-confidence, communication and connection with others. The course consists of six sessions, all in groups.
The group starts with sufficient registrations. More information or registration directly for the course? Mail with Bijeen Registration Center: [email protected] Or call (073) 782 01 78 (Monday to Friday 09.00 –

Sjors Sporty and Sjors Creative
The new Sjors Sporty and Sjors Creative booklets are back! This gives primary school children the opportunity to become familiar with sports and culture in our municipality. From 12 October, children can register for all activities. By participating in the activities in Sjors Sportief and Sjors Creatief, you can easily get to know a new sport, but maybe also new friends.
Many activities are free, sometimes a small donation is requested. Registration is required. You can do this via

National Recycling Week
October 14 is International E-Waste Day. In the Netherlands, we are aware of this from 10 to 16 October with National Recycle Week. The aim of this week is to give as many electrical appliances and light bulbs as possible that are broken, dated or discarded in cupboards, drawers and rooms, or to recycle them into new raw materials. Want to join us?
We have a special campaign at the recycling center during Recycling Week. When you return electrical appliances or energy saving bulbs, you will receive a free Wecycle quartet. Please note: for this campaign, UP = UP. read more here

The objection committee
The Independent Objections Committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday 18 October 2022. During this hearing, two objections will be considered, which are directed at:
14:00: Closure of Kasteellaan Nieuwkuijk-Drunen to all traffic with the exception of pedestrians and cyclists.
2:30 p.m.: Notification of a criminal order for the removal of a garden shed on a plot of land on Brabantseweg in Drunen.
For more information and participation in the hearing, you can contact the Secretariat of the Objections Committee on telephone number (073) 51 31 789. It is possible that the agenda will change at a later date and that the publication of that change will no longer take place. possible.

The inquiry and appeals committee see Nu & I morgen week 41-2022

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