From thrift store bliss to art on your smartphone: our top tips for this week you can’t miss

1/After years of absence from the stage, the comedian Philippe Geubels returns … in the bath

© Luc Daelemans

The fact that he has not been on stage for a long time does not mean that you have not been able to see Philippe Geubels in recent years. On the contrary. You can barely turn on the TV or you watch it appear as a member of the jury the smartest person if he doesn’t already pair in oldies Hotel Romance. But a performance in the theaters, that was at least four years ago.

in the show Geubels takes a bath let the comedian shine his light on overpriced food trucks and the history of croquet. But from his safe bath he also dares to think about cruel loss and about ‘daring to take hold of your grief’. Philippe Geubels is on stage in Berchem (20 & 21/10), Mechelen (22/10), Ekeren (27 & 28/10) and Mortsel (29 & 30/10). In 2023 he will play various shows in Antwerp Arenberg and Stadsschouwburg.

2/Gabriel Rios relives his childhood in the Caribbean

© Koen Bauters

At the age of 17, Gabriel Rios came to Ghent to study painting. The Puerto Rican first broke through with us not with paintings, but with music. He scored hits with i.a Broad daylight, angel head and gold. His fifth studio album Flora is a take on the music from Latin America and the Caribbean. The record contains nostalgic songs inspired by old Latin classics. Some songs are reminiscent of the traditional Nuyorican salsa of the 1960s, others are inspired by popular ballads from Mexico and Cuba. This Flora blooming in De Roma in Borgerhout (20/10), CC Mol (3/12) and De Warande in Turnhout (17/12).

3/Rupi Kaur conquers the world with rhymes

Break through with a collection of poems, you just have to do it. Canadian Rupi Kaur (30) has achieved worldwide success: More than 10 million copies of her three poetry collections have been sold in 42 languages. On 16 October, she will read in the Queen Elisabeth Hall. The poet is known for short, English-language verses that she posts on social media. She writes about love, loss, trauma and migration, themes which will also be central during her lectures in Antwerp. Kaur has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. Pictures are also circulating where fans show off their tattoo with Kaur’s words.

4/Science for all

© Wouter Van Vooren

How does science gain impact, and how do you ensure that researchers and citizens take action together? The Hannah Arendt Institute finds this by bringing them together in debates and workshops. That is why the Facts to Act fair is taking place in Mechelen today. Under the motto ‘science on a human scale’, you can browse impressive books in Lamot and get to know podcasts in the listening corner. You can participate in lectures, such as the one on fake news with virologist Erika Vlieghe (Photo) and journalist Rudy Vranckx on the panel. Journalist Fatma Taspinar moderates the evening program that pays tribute to the late VUB principal Caroline Pauwels. With, among others, Herman Van Goethem and Ish Ait Hamou.

5/Youth center Het Bos goes organic at the Climate Market

In the youth center Het Bos on Ankerrui, Antwerp’s climate festival is put the finishing touch on the weekend. On 16 October you can shine a little light under the Climate Market between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. You will find organizations and entrepreneurs from Antwerp working with local and global projects on sustainability, climate and ecology. Of Duty of care Nic Balthazar made a documentary about Roger Cox, the lawyer behind the first climate cases. After the film, co-founder of Climate Case Francesca Vanthielen, philosopher Anne Polkamp and lawyer Noor Dewulf will talk about the film and the power of climate justice.

6/Thrift shop day


Recycled shopping is organic, cheap and hip. During Thrift Shop Day, the thrift stores in Flanders put their best foot forward today. The offer is different in every thrift shop and here and there you can also attend a workshop or activity. Some thrift stores even extend ‘their day’ to a whole week.

Cartoon fans will enjoy themselves in Hoogstraten until next Saturday, old musical instruments are offered for sale in Retie, and arts and crafts and hobby materials in Turnhout.

Theme sales are also planned in the thrift stores in Zuiderkempen today. In Balen you bet on Lego and Playmobil, in Geel on Disney and Studio 100 things and in Putte on branded clothes.

7/Day of the Slow Way along idyllic paths

A popular neighborhood shortcut, an idyllic bridleway in the woods or a hidden alley along backyards: far from the furious traffic, they are known as ‘slow roads’. For Slow Ways Day, walks will be mapped here and there in Flanders this weekend.

Bornem traditionally attracts many people to the Oktoberfest marches (16/10). Hikers walk past the monastery via the Schelde dykes to the old fishing village of Mariekerke. Turisme Zuidrand suggested with The Mystery of the Missing Honey (15/10) a scavenger hunt together of 5 km for young people up to 12 years of age.

8/SneakPeek serves theater on mobile

Theater on your smartphone: it was one of the more successful novelties of the corona period. After the success of performances in the genre such as Emma and Leo and Imke, the theater company SKaGeN now presents such performances under the name SneakPeek. Starts on October 19 shadow play, the first real-time documentary where you can follow the messenger conversation live between a Dutch documentary maker and Sajid Khan. The young guy, also known as SK, is on his way to Europe from Afghanistan. For 2.5 weeks, the audience sympathizes with a 16-year-old who tries to survive the Balkan route on his own.

9/Kasterlee celebrates the Frans Masereel Center

© Paul Keyenberg

Frans Masereel (1889-1972) is considered one of the most important graphic artists of the twentieth century. On the Masereeldijk in Kasterlee, the Frans Masereel Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary today. Graphic artists have been able to do their work here under the best conditions for half a century. Today, contemporary artists give demonstrations in graphic workshops. There are also workshops for children in and around the buildings, and the artist Vaast Colson embarks on a creative intervention. Local artists such as Lieven Segers or Lisse Declercq guide you on a completely new art route through Kasterlee.

10/Art books for sale in the Academy

For years there was not a single fair in Antwerp for lovers of art books and antiquarian publications. Eight years ago, the Antwerp Academy decided to close that gap, and the Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair saw the light of day.

With around a hundred participants in the moody corridors of the Academy, this art book fair, which takes place today between 10 am and 6 pm, has grown into one of the largest in the Benelux. In addition to the alternative publishers and artists in the ‘Present’ section, you’ll find antiquarian books in the ‘Past’ area. At ‘Future’, prints from academy students and Belgian art colleges take precedence. Available.

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