weekly overview: the news from week 41 summarized

What happened in Alphen aan den Rijn last week? Of one escape attempt at PI Alphen and fire in the red drop to raise the rainbow flag coming out day. You can read this and more in weekly overview.

Last Monday was an exciting day for Alphense Nikki Mr. From Monday evening she presented a broadcast of The heart of the Netherlands. This after she has been able to present various programs on WNL and NPO1 for almost 5.5 years.

On Saturday, it was finally time for the only one after two years Alphense Oktoberfest. Almost 1,500 visitors gathered in the large tent on the event site at De Bijlen, naturally dressed in dirndls and lederhosen.

For example, the Fire Service of Holland’s Midden has started a campaign to make people aware of testing their smoke detector. This is done during the Fire Prevention Weeks.


It was Tuesday 11 October Coming out today. Coming Out Day is an international day of awareness and respect for the LGBTQIA+ community. This was also noticed in Alphen aan den Rijn.

That’s how Alphense Tamara Borst and her friend Patricia Polane are commit to the Bliss to Shine Foundation. Bliss to Shine organizes – upon request – Blissi Special Day. During this special day, a child from a family suffering from cancer is completely pampered.

E.g Food Bank let us know that the number of people who have to rely on the food bank is increasing rapidly. This is due to the rising prices. There is therefore an urgent need for fundraising campaigns.

Traffic and transport

For example, NS has decided not to continue with bicycle reservation on the R-Net trains between Gouda and Alphen aan den Rijn. In the spring, bicycle reservations were tested for three months to reduce the inconvenience caused by bicycles on the train.

Last Wednesday we drove no trains between Alphen aan den Rijn station and Leiden Central. This was due to a signal error. The outage started around 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Police and enforcement

At night from Tuesday to Wednesday tried to escape an arrest from the Correctional Service in Alphen aan den Rijn using attached sheets. It turns out to be arrested Nicky S., who is serving his sentence there for the “Speciekuip murder”.

Last Friday was the police arrested four men in Roosendaal, including a 19-year-old man from Alphen aan den Rijn. This is related to abuse.

This is how we get to the police officers complaints about the use of gel blasters/ pellet guns in Kerk en Zanen. The gel blasters/ball guns are very popular with the young people. But the use is not completely without danger, warns the local police officer.

Found last weekend two fires take place in Alphen on the Rhine. The police officers in Alphen aan den Rijn believe that the fires were deliberately set.

So found there last weekend wmore attempted theft place and has caused nuisance several times in Alphen aan den Rijn. This is done by persons without permanent residence.

For example, on Friday evening, October 7, the police have 51-year-old Alphense arrested. This is due to misconduct in Lidl on Ouvertureweg. Police arrived at the scene around 7pm after receiving a report of an annoying customer.

Last Sunday afternoon, October 9, there are various materials with a catapult shot over the prison wall. The police got a report around 4pm and they arrived at the PI.

Other news

Wednesday evening in ‘Red Village’ fire broke out in Alphen. The fire department arrived at the scene. It was not the first time that a fire had started in the neighborhood of Alphen aan den Rijn.

This week is over broiler farm in Waddinxveen has been diagnosed with bird flu. This meant that companies in Alphen aan den Rijn, which are within the 10 kilometer zone, will be banned from transport.

Last Sunday, AZC swam part two of the Miniorencircuit. This is a competition for the youngest competitive swimmers. It took place in Sportfondsenbad in Rotterdam.

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