The Dutch horticulture sector seeks cooperation with India

The pact for PIB NLHortiRoad2India was signed on October 6 during the Holland India Business Meet in Ahoy, Rotterdam. This celebratory ceremony kicks off a multi-year public-private partnership that aims to position the Dutch horticulture sector as a partner for India to meet India’s growing demand for fresh, safe and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

PIB NLHortiRoad2India is part of RVO’s ‘Partners for International Business’ (PIB) programme. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, HortiRoad2India, led by Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD), InnovationQuarter and Rotterdam Partners, will contribute to solutions to food challenges in India through a range of activities and programmes. This program strengthens long-term partnerships between the two countries and promotes awareness of Dutch technology and know-how.

PIB NLHortiRoad2India cluster members at the signing in Ahoy, Rotterdam on November 6.

More sustainable and safe production with less resource consumption
There is a growing middle class in India that demands sustainable, clean and locally produced food. This increasing demand cannot yet be met by the Indian horticulture sector as this sector is still developing. The demand for safe food is only expected to increase as the population grows and the government’s desire to export horticultural products increases. In addition, available resources, such as water, are coming under increasing pressure from climate change. This gives the Dutch horticulture sector a great opportunity as a forerunner in the world to export knowledge, technology, services and concepts and implement them in India. This public-private partnership provides mid- and high-tech solutions to growers, investors and retailers in India, enabling them to produce more sustainably and safely while using fewer resources. Ultimately, this will also contribute to the profitability of the Indian manufacturers.

Partners for International Business
Food security is one of the priorities of the Indian government. But India is a big country and it is a fragmented market consisting of many states with their own culture and characteristics. This PIB initially focuses on a number of states where the horticulture market is growing: Maharashtra, NCR, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Himanchal Pradesh. By joining forces between companies, the Dutch government and knowledge institutions, the sector can profile itself more strongly than the individual parties. Not only is demand in India too complex and extensive for individual companies, but they often lack direct access to engage in discussions with foreign governments. Governments and investors also want a single point of contact representing a group of organisations.

Desh Ramnath, Business Developer and Advisor India at DGD: “The Dutch cluster currently consists of eleven leading suppliers and specialist companies active in national and international (greenhouse) horticulture. With their range of complementary products and services, together they offer a sustainable and integrated solution. The cluster combines its global expertise with local experience to provide Indian consumers with healthy food while creating jobs and income for all involved. Dutch technology and know-how can also contribute to improving the production process and extending the shelf life of food. HortiRoad2India aims to be a long-term partner for the Indian horticulture sector with a focus on knowledge transfer, quality, sustainability and service.”

First mission to India in November
PIB NLHortiRoad2India is off to a flying start. As early as next month, the PIB cluster will complete its first joint mission to India. An interesting public and private program is being put together for this trade mission with a focus on joint participation in the Bangalore Tech Summit, Asia’s largest technology event from November 16-18.

Dutch Greenhouse Delta, InnovationQuarter and Rotterdam Partners coordinate the NLHortiRoad2India PIB in close cooperation with the Dutch government and embassy network. The following organizations are currently part of PIB India: Bayer de Ruiter, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Horti XS, Ludvig Svensson, Lumiforte, Koppert Biological Systems, Meteor Systems, Priva, Ridder, Van der Hoeven and Viscon Group.

Source: Dutch Greenhouse Delta

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