this is how you score the best lunch boxes

With Too Good To Go, you can go home with a bag or box full of tasty food for a few euros. With these tips you ensure that you score the best boxes.

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Too Good To Go tips: score the best magic box

With the Too Good To Go app, you can save food before it is thrown away, for example in supermarkets or restaurants. Just before closing time, you can pick up a ‘magic box’ for a few euros. The food you go home with is often worth much more. However, there is a good chance that the food will spoil quickly, so you should eat it immediately or freeze it.

It’s always a surprise what’s in the box. It is therefore trendy on TikTok to unwrap a Too Good to Go package. But if you look in the app for your own box, they are probably already sold out. With these tips, you ensure that you also get your hands on beautiful boxes.

1. Set your favorites

In the app you will find a lot of different pick-up locations, especially if you live in a big city. It is so useful to set the places where you would like to collect a box as favorites.

You do this by pressing the heart at the top right of the app at the place in question. If you then press ‘favorites’ at the bottom of the screen, all your favorite places will be lined up and you will immediately see what the options are.

2. Look at the right time

Boxes are usually gone very quickly. Especially now that Too Good To Go is such a hit on TikTok. Therefore, you should check the app when new boxes are offered. In the app, you can per location see when to return for a chance to win new boxes.

It is also indicated per location, when the checkout was sold out that day. If you look a little in advance in the app the next day, you have a better chance that there are still boxes available.

3. Change location

Are you going out tomorrow? Then change the location in the app now so you can score a box in the new town or village tomorrow. Please note that you may be at that location at the time of pickup.

4. Make the most of it

Whether you get a good box or not is very personal. You might watch the popular videos on TikTok and your own box will be in vain. But it just depends on how you look at it; others will be jealous of your box. So try to make the best of it every time. And if you really don’t like it, give the food away to someone who can use it. In this way, you ensure that nothing is thrown away.

5. Get more stores to participate

If there are even few Too Good to Go boxes in your area, then you also have less of a chance of getting your hands on them. You can do something about that. Many retailers and restaurants are not yet aware of Too Good to Go. You can inform them about it. The app also provides entrepreneurs with an explanation of how to participate.

If you go to ‘me’ in the app and then select ‘More information’ at the bottom, you will also find a button there to recommend shops at Too Good To Go. Perhaps the administrators of the app will contact the store themselves.

Too Good To Go: End food waste

Too Good To Go: End food waste

Too Good To Go Aps

Save more money

A magic box from Too Good To Go is not only a good way to prevent food waste, but you can also save a lot of money with it. There are other ways to save money via your smartphone. There is a great app for discount codes and there are apps for selling your clothes. You can keep track of everything with these housekeeping apps.

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