50,000 euros to the Children of Food Bank of Kwalitaria

On behalf of the 130 Kwalitaria entrepreneurs, a check for 50,000 euros could be donated to the Children of the Food Bank Foundation

Donation – With its children’s menu, the Kwalitaria cafeteria formula not only makes Kwalitaria children happy, but also children living in poverty. For every children’s menu sold, a donation is also made to the Food Bank’s Children. For example, the 130 Kwalitaria entrepreneurs could hand over 50,000 euros to the foundation, which is committed to fighting the social consequences of child poverty in the Netherlands.

Kwalitaria has been collecting for the Food Bank’s Children’s Foundation for a year and a half with Kwalibox, as the Kwalitaria children’s menu is called. “As a big formula, we think it’s important to show our social face,” said Maaike Huibers, who presented the check on behalf of formula house FFC. “We see many children in our localities, but we are aware that not everyone has that opportunity. It is fantastic to be able to do something for this group of children in the Netherlands with this contribution.”

Maurice van de Ven, who founded the foundation together with his wife in 2013, is happy with the check received: “It is a fantastic amount, which is certainly useful at this time. The number of requests for our clothing and birthday packages has increased recently, while many fundraising campaigns were canceled during the corona period. We are therefore extremely grateful to all Kwalitaria departments.”

With the amount, the foundation can give around 1000 children a nice birthday. “One in nine children in the Netherlands lives below the poverty line,” says Maurice. “And 40,000 of them, so they are affiliated with the food bank.

Source: Kwalitaria/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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