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The tech giant Apple will present a number of new products on March 8. We don’t know officially what yet, but a lot has been leaked. We set the expectations.

Apple’s next event is still shrouded in mystery. The tech giant promises to unveil new products on March 8 at 19:00 Dutch time, but hints little about what will be shown. All the company offers is a cryptic slogan on the invitation: ‘Take a peek’.

At the same time, what is needed is already on the street. Insiders leaked the arrival of a number of products, which have been seen in the tech giant’s Chinese factories, for example. Below is a list of the most likely leaks that have been leaked by multiple people or covered by reliable publications.

A new iPhone SE with 5G

Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 last September, and a cheaper alternative is expected to appear in March. This new version of the iPhone SE is based on older devices, but has a modern, fast chip inside, so you can still get a great iPhone for less money.

The tech giant already sells an iPhone SE with internals from an iPhone 11. However, this device still has an old-fashioned home button. It is possible that Apple will modernize the design with the new SE with a bezel-less screen and facial recognition. In addition, support for faster 5G internet is expected, which the SE devices do not yet offer.

New iPad Air

The iPad Air will probably also get an update during the Apple event. We don’t expect any huge changes. After all, the tablet has recently received a redesign with a borderless design and support for Apple’s latest stylus.

This means that the new Air probably mainly contains a faster processor. In addition, we expect 5G support and an improved camera for video calls.

The iPad Air was also renewed in 2020. ©

Colored iMac Pro 27 inches large

Apple revamped its iMacs last year with a design that comes in multiple colors. It appeared to be a reference to the classic iMacs that were sold in a variety of candy colors in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But last year’s new iMac was only sold with a 24-inch screen. Anyone who wanted a 27-inch screen, as was the case with old iMacs, came home from a cold trade show. The tech company looks set to change that in the short term: According to insiders, the new iMac will have a 27-inch screen.

According to Apple, this new model is not an ordinary iMac, but an iMac Pro: a name that the technology company previously used for more powerful variants of its computer. This suggests that it will also be more expensive than we saw with the 24-inch iMac last year. The device would get a high-contrast mini LED screen and the processor of recent MacBooks.

Presumably, the 27-inch iMac Pro is similar to the iMacs released last year.
Presumably, the 27-inch iMac Pro is similar to the iMacs released last year. © EPA

Maybe also a new MacBook Pro with an M2 chip

While most reports point to the arrival of a new iMac Pro, there is also talk of a new model of the MacBook Pro. It seems a bit soon after the laptop revealed last November, but the rumor comes from the same source that correctly predicted the redesign of the previous MacBook.

The new MacBook would get a brand new processor called M2. Not only would that make it more powerful than current MacBooks, it would also outperform the aforementioned iMac Pro. This laptop could be revealed as early as March, although further details are lacking.

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