Climate activists slammed Van Gogh: why protect the art and not the planet? – Yep

Erik Minnens14 Oct 2022 – 22:09

Just stop the oil. I was more moved by the fact that these activists call themselves ‘the last generation’ than by the damage to that painting(s). That damage is not that bad and does not compare to the damage that ‘die letzte Generation’, and ultimately the world, is experiencing from ‘climate change’. And god, is this Joop now? A left-wing platform with predominantly right-wing commentators? Below I found only (ex- or implied) appreciation for this action(s) from Mark Huijsman, Greendutch, rvb, drs Q and… Baloem. I know there are still a few who haven’t heard from them yet, and I’d like to join them as well. After all, it is in the tradition of the anti-globalists and Extinction Rebellionists, who are not afraid of a little violence. Shouldn’t that be possible or is there nobody who can take a beating these days? They are brave, confident, but basically desperate people who want to attract attention. “Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt”, said Goethe (in a different context, but good…).


Eric Donkaew15 Oct 2022 – 3:23

@Eric Minnens: And god, is this Joop? —————————- The point is that some events provoke left-wing reactions, others right-wing. This is typically an event that provokes standard right-wing reactions. A case like the unemployment benefit affair, on the other hand, which mainly affects poor people, to a large extent from an immigrant background, especially left-wingers. The large political center, which you also encounter a lot here at Joop, is creeping to the right in this case. If you want to achieve something, left or right, think about actions that bring you to the center. This is not possible with this action. And of course it’s not that bad. The glass is easily cleaned again. But generally people do not like this kind of manifestation.

Critical look

Critical look15 Oct 2022 – 7:05

There is a difference between not wanting to do the maximum for the climate and applauding this action. But then he’s right and you can’t come here because we all have to stay like minded in our (extreme) left wing bubble. It’s called good democracy. And the dramatic ‘last generation’, please stop. Humans are ultimately intelligent enough to adjust things. This is for the stage…..

Nicholas 2

Nicholas 215 Oct 2022 – 08:15

EricDonkaew Oct 15 2022 – 5:23 “But in general people do not like this kind of manifestation.” I don’t think you like strikes either.

Erik Minnens

Erik Minnens15 Oct 2022 – 8:57

@KritischKijken “But then you’re right and you can’t come here because we all have to stay like-minded in our (extreme) left-wing bubble.” No, I certainly don’t mean it that way. On the contrary, I am happy with liberal-right reactions, because then there is something to discuss. Although the border is on the far right. Their views are so abhorrent and their fallacies so stupid that there is no room for discussion. What surprised me was not the quality of the left-wing or right-wing responses, but the quantity. So many right wing commenters on a left wing site. But feel welcome, as a ‘normal’ critical right-wing viewer.

Critical look

Critical look15 Oct 2022 – 9:01 am

@Eric Okay, we get it. It read differently. Just as good friends. 🙂

Erik Minnens

Erik Minnens15 Oct 2022 – 9:08

@EricDonkaew “then think about actions that bring you to the middle” You have a point there, but I still appreciate the shock effect these activists create. To be honest, I was also shocked at first by their ‘destructive’ approach. But after some consideration I quickly came to the conclusion that they were right. So they convinced me too! And well, getting in the middle of it… Handing out leaflets doesn’t really help me either…

Mark Huysman

Mark Huysman15 Oct 2022 – 9:28

@Eric M Joop wants to be a left-wing opinion site, but that doesn’t mean only left-wingers respond. Many commentators are quite right-wing, ranging from D66 to Ja21 and the like. I think that is the case on almost all discussion sites. For some reason, extreme right-wing types in particular must assert themselves everywhere. You may wonder if discussion with such numbers makes sense. I have some leftist friends who stay away from this because they think it’s a waste of time. I think that makes sense. Not so much because you convince your right-wing opponents, but because the discussions are read by others who may not have fully formed their positions and by the posts of left-wing commentators (who are often more substantiated than those from the right) a push in the right direction to come.

Frans Akkermans3

Frans Akkermans315 Oct 2022 – 9:29

Well, what is left in this country? Socialists are for organizing mass actions and against the petty-bourgeois stuff in the art temples. But if these were working class kids, if they didn’t have money for food at home, if they were going to jail, that changes the case and therefore our judgment.


LaBou 15 Oct 2022 – 9:35

“The point is, sort of, that some events provoke left-wing reactions, others right-wing.” In almost all columns, it is (extremely) right-wing commentators who are the first to write their pieces. Eric Minnens has a point there.

Erik Minnens

Erik Minnens15 Oct 2022 – 10:38

@Mark Huysman “because the discussions are read by others who may not have fully formed their views yet” It certainly seems to me too. But it also applies to me that I formulate or sharpen my position while I write. I’m searching from a sort of plain leftist mind for the ‘correct’ arguments for me (also using links – plural of link) for the topic at hand. It sounds crazy, but I’m enriching myself first. Also in my striving to formulate sharply and possibly humorously. In short, all my answers are basic argumentation and style exercises. Maybe even exercises in being left behind, haha.

Critical look

Critical look15 Oct 2022 – 11:25

@Mark It’s funny you turn it around: If there’s even one group ready to respond, it’s the fanatic left. And if you call it “far right” almost immediately; Calling “fascism” etc. substructure then indicates more what substructure is apparently desired by some here. And if you yourself as a social democrat are treated here as the extreme right wing, you should really start worrying about the content.

Mark Huysman

Mark Huysman15 Oct 2022 – 11:30

@Eric M That’s also true: writing forces you to sharpen your thoughts and sort out your arguments. It also enriches your own view and knowledge, that’s right.

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