Electric plane with room for nine passengers makes first test flight – Picture and sound – News

1. How many times a day will you charge your phone? This aircraft has a range of 440nm, cruising speed of 220nm, let’s say you just want to charge it to 80% and stop at 20%, you are left with 264nm, part of it is cont, end reserve and alternative fuel, let us keep it at 220nm as you want to fly. So it will take you an hour. If you want to use the aircraft somewhat efficiently (eg let it fly 40% of the time), you will therefore fly about 2500 nm per With a practical range of 220nm, you charge the battery 10-11 times a day from 20 to 80%. I suspect if you do that with your phone you’ll have a different story after a year with your battery capacity. This is day in and day out, rain or shine. How is the area affected by the temperature? I assume that the battery is kept at temp, but it also costs energy.

Just found this:The batteries have been tested for more than 1,000 cycles, equivalent to 3,000 flight hours, and will then require replacement at a cost of $250,000 – half the direct operating costs, equivalent to a piston engine overhaul – according to eviation. Have you ever looked at the price of lithium? Approx. x10 away the last few years. What will that price do in the coming years? If the price of the battery were to double, you would already have 25% more running costs. You’ve been buying planes for decades, I have my doubts.

2. That’s right, fine, so you’re going to charge it at 80%, so that gives you significantly less range, especially if you want to save battery. See point above

3. Nothing to complain about. Short recharging would be fine, but again a cycle which is 3000 flight hours I think optimally calculated and it goes wrong here.

– Standing still costs money, a lot of money, because not only the cash register stands still, but also the crew who sit down at their FTL. I don’t know if you follow the price of oil but it is falling again (I also understand that it is temporary). Kerosene costs around 50 øre per litres. If anyone wants to compare how many kWh come out of a liter of kerosene, thanks!

– No source or comparison, I assume these prototype electric motors are very maintenance friendly? They have no track record. I have also read something about alu-air batteries that they would like to use, they are certainly not cheap to maintain (or buy, silver is expensive).

– Speculative, I can’t find anywhere how noisy this box is, and I don’t know of any regional airports where you can now only come with your electric box. I also don’t see anywhere mentioned how noisy it is, as not all the noise comes from the engines. Especially with propellers, a lot of noise can come from the blades themselves. Particles and other emissions are naturally smaller.

– Then compare with Jet A, not with avgas, possibly with MIL-F-5624E or JP-4 or JP-5. Jet A has a cost price of 50 øre/litre. And oil prices are falling…

– Source? You say as far as I can read so I’m interested! And not from the toilet duck himself. And I think this is a propeller plane too…

My conclusion:
– I have not heard anything about the purchase price, depreciation and degradation of the battery with several charges per hour. I think the whole electric flight project will stand or fall with this. Alu-air (and li-ion) is expensive in purchase, maintenance and % in use. The replacement value is high and we haven’t even talked about the fire safety of these huge batteries yet.
– There are no regulations for electric aircraft in terms of noise yet, and I don’t see them coming soon (aviation is very slow to respond to innovation). I’ve really searched too, but I can’t find anywhere how noisy this plane is. The propellers are really noisy by themselves.
– My conclusion is actually that you know far too little and that this looks fine as a proof of concept. This also means the absence of major customers, not a single main company has bought one of them. Only DHL has bought 12 (good in brochure) and GlobalX (a company with now 7 planes) has 50 on order..

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