Sentence: 48 months and psychological treatment for key player in dark web child pornography | News report

News item | 09-02-2022 | 13:57

“What’s with the pedos?” followed by a smiley face. For example, the now 38-year-old suspect from Tilburg, who was charged today in the child pornography case 26Hain, started regularly chatting on child pornography sites on the dark web. The National Prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded 48 months in prison at the court in Rotterdam, 8 of which were suspended and a probationary period of 5 years with probation supervision and psychological treatment. Prosecutors suspect him of participating in a criminal organization in the key position of administrator and moderator of various child pornography sites on the dark web.

The prosecution also demanded that goods from the seizure list be taken out of circulation and not fall back into the hands of the suspect. This includes computers, a hard drive, Nokia phone and USB sticks. The prosecutor’s office does not rule out that the tilburger will be prosecuted again, as soon as the investigative team has also gained access to a suspect’s Seagate, an external hard drive, which until now has been locked.

key player

The prosecution charges the suspect heavily that he not only distributed and possessed child pornography himself, but also played a very active role in the management of various child pornography sites. “It goes many steps further,” argued the attorney general. Prosecutors consider the suspect a key player in child pornography via the dark web. Prosecutors suspect him of participating in a criminal organization and of possessing and distributing child pornography from January 26, 2015 until his arrest on March 8, 2021. The man is said to have distributed child pornography images through various child pornography forums and chat rooms on the dark web . He would also, as a moderator or administrator, have made this possible for others on the forums.

To care

“For years, young children have been victimized every day by the suspect and his organization. As tools, as disposable items, as objects of pleasure.” The Attorney General today expressed her concern and disgust at the suspect’s actions.

“The prosecutor’s office is concerned that the suspect has been intensively involved in child pornography and the organization behind the distribution of this material for years in secret, without his entourage being aware of it.” The prosecution fears that the chance of repetition is high. The public prosecutor considers immediate psychological treatment of the suspect necessary. She referred to a report from the Netherlands Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP) recommending treatment.

Complex puzzle

In his requisition, the public prosecutor compared the investigation of the suspect to a complex puzzle and emphasized the importance of persistence and good international cooperation.

A nickname often used by this suspect on dark child pornography websites had been on the picture for some time by National Unity’s Anti-Child Pornography and Child Sex Tourism Team. However, it took some time before he could be arrested. Information from previously arrested other suspects, information collected on the dark web, and information from Europol and the United States ultimately contributed to the suspect’s identification. Thus the puzzle was complete. His arrest, at home on March 8, 2021, was red-handed: the suspect was logged into a child pornography site on the dark web behind his computer.

Over time, the suspect used several nicknames. Research has shown that he changed his nickname when the ground seemed to get too hot under his feet. This happened when there was a threat that people would learn too much about him.

Tens of thousands of photos, dozens of videos

A total of more than 26,800,000 child pornography photos collected by him and 79 child pornography videos were found on various data carriers of the suspect, which were seized. Most images (about 94 percent) contain posing material, three-quarters of which are of minor girls under 12 years of age. The remaining material (6 percent) concerns images of far-reaching sexual acts, including so-called hard-core and hurt-core porn with girls between 1 and 16 years of age.

In addition, the suspect also distributed child pornography on various forums on the dark web. It was about penetration, fornication and posing material.


The court will deliver its verdict in two weeks, on Wednesday 23 February.

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