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VELDHOVEN – With the sports and culture market in the city centre, Veldhoven’s sports and culture week got off to a good start on Saturday. Divided into four places, more than fifty associations presented themselves to the public.

A cardboard Captain Jack Sparrow stands at the TOP Muziektheater stand. Young people can have their photo taken with this and thus earn a stamp on a card.

A surprise awaits them with thirty stamps in total. The Veldhoven Foundation gives young people the opportunity to develop on stage. “We are here today for our musical theater course. Young people of secondary school age receive lessons in singing, dancing and games. As a bonus, they have the chance for a role in our large production La Casa de Papel which we are performing at the Theater de Schalm in July 2023,” says chairwoman Nicole van Gerwen.

The eight registrations that TOP already had will no doubt increase. “I have already spoken to five young people who are interested. Classes start in October.”

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Young girls show the audience how fun and sporty dancing is. © DCI Media

The organization of the market is in the hands of Community School Veldhoven, Cordaad Welzijn and Veldhoven municipality. Roy Frederiks is combination officer for sports at Fællesskolen Veldhoven. “For years we held an annual sports market. Now, for the first time, we have the combination with culture. In total, more than fifty associations show up today.”

Ponies for the first time

The pony club De Hinnikers is present for the first time. Luna (9) lifts her sister Mila (3) onto one of the two Shetlanders. Luna has just arrived at De Hinnikers. “We start on Sunday. I prefer jumping with a pony.”

Judith de Hoog is a board member of the Oerlese club. “We are showing our offer here today. We also want to recruit new members.” People with their own pony pay 45 euros per year. You don’t have to have your own horse, emphasizes De Hoog. “If you have access to a care pony, you are also welcome. We are there for children from 7 to 18 years. After that, they can switch to Rijvereniging Sint Jan.”


The trumpet is the most tested, probably because that instrument is the most well-known

Femke Muller, Veldhoven’s Music Corps

At the stand of the Veldhoven Muziekkorps, Sven Uijens (13) tries to get a note from a trumpet. The stand also contains clarinet, saxophone, trombone and flute. “We introduce children to a musical instrument here,” says Marjon van Herk.

Together with Femke Muller, who plays saxophone at VMK, she staffs the stand. ,,The trumpet is the most tested, probably because it is the most well-known instrument. And you often hear the trumpet over everything else,” says Muller.

Follow trial training

Moments later, Sven throws a ball at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour into a net at the All In baseball and softball club. Fortunately, the volleyball that his sister Evi (11) then throws at him at Nuvoc’s stand does not go that fast. Real volleyball is not possible today. “All our members are on the move, because the competition started today. But it’s a nice day, I also meet the other associations here,’ says chairman Rachel van Aarle.

And she has already spoken to some children who are coming to follow a test education. This is also possible this week with various other associations, which can be found on the Community School Veldhoven’s page.

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