GroenLinks Diemen: Who deserves the green ribbon 2022?


DIEMEN – The board of GroenLinks Diemen has chosen a Top 3 among all registrations for Det Grønne Bånd. Residents of Diemen can vote until Wednesday 4 November via a voting tool on GroenLink’s Diemen website. GroenLinks Diemen awards the green ribbon to the candidate with the most votes in the second week of November.

GroenLinks Diemen has selected the following candidates: Annemarie Pennings, Nienke Hendriks and Neighborhood Vegetable Garden Carpe Diem.

Annemarie Pennings

Annemarie Pennings keeps Holland Park neat and tidy. Annemarie, 73 years old, single, mother and grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren, is nominated because she, together with a number of fellow residents, is determined to keep her nice new Holland Park residential area clean. In 2019, she started cleaning up the litter on the street, the quays and the canals. At that time, there was still a lot of construction waste because there was a lot of construction in the neighborhood. Annemarie also keeps an eye on the underground containers and reports it to the municipality if bulky waste is placed with the containers. Since the summer of 2020, she has no longer done this alone, but together with two faithful roommates. Together they removed a record 15 bags of waste from the canals. In the meantime, she also maintains the container gardens that were created by the municipality in June 2021. Annemarie definitely intends to continue with that, but above all she hopes that everyone will present the waste in the right way from now on. In this way, everyone contributes to a clean environment.

Nienke Hendriks

Nienke Hendriks conducts climate talks with the residents of Diemen. Nienke, 42, married and mother of two, has been nominated because she wants to make others aware of their own carbon footprint with Climate Conversations. At these meetings, she discusses how everyone can put less strain on the environment. She came into contact with Climate Conversations in 2016 through SchoolvoorCoaching, where she completed a course. This workshop made her think about her own influence in a pleasant way. Nienke then attended the workshops with her husband and, in addition to making her own lifestyle more sustainable, began organizing workshops. She holds these workshops in Diemen, Muiden and Bussum. Nienke does this not alone, but together with his new ‘climate’ Maaike. Their goal: to ensure that together we emit less CO2. And that requires not only system changes, but also behavioral changes.

In January, Nienke starts a new workshop series. You can register for this via www.Climate You will then be put on a waiting list and will be notified when you can participate. Nienke’s motto: To care about climate change, you only need to be one thing, and that is a person living on planet Earth who wants a better future. Chances are, you’re already that person—and so is everyone else you know. Out Save usfrom Hayhoe.

The neighborhood vegetable garden Carpe Diem

The neighborhood vegetable garden Carpe Diem is a nature-inclusive and edible neighborhood garden. The neighborhood vegetable garden Carpe Diem has existed since 2020. The neighborhood garden has been nominated because of the good work it does for the environment and the contribution to the Diemen Food Bank. The neighborhood vegetable garden is a boost for the Diemerkade area. Ten volunteers started on a barren piece of land with an exhausted soil. First, the soil was improved by using residual organic material from the garden and compost from the municipality. In this way, they work together with nature as much as possible. They looked at which vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers flourish well together and complement each other. In this way, they prevent diseases and pests instead of having to fight them. And with more than ten types of flowers, the garden looks colorful too. The garden contributes to a good climate because they do not have to get the unsprayed vegetables from far away. In this way, the participants reduce their ecological footprint. The end result is a pet-friendly, beautiful garden that’s also good for insects. The garden also contributes to the social climate in the neighbourhood: the kitchen garden has become a cozy meeting place. The participants divide the harvest between them and give it to neighbors who can use it. For that purpose, a volunteer from Diemen Food Bank regularly collects vegetables from the garden. The volunteers of Carpe Diem provide all of Diemen with tasty and local food with the seasons.

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