Seeing art in the green and in the most beautiful places: it will be a fantastic Sunday

Do you like art, nature, beautiful buildings and would you like a good day and a beautiful bike ride along the Dieze? Then come to Atelierroute Engelen in Engelen and Bokhoven on Sunday 2 October, about twenty minutes by bike from Den Bosch. You can see works by 44 artists and designers. Super cozy and the coffee is ready for you almost everywhere!

It is already the fourth edition of Atelierroute Engelen. Every two years, artists and designers from these villages along the Dieze open their studios and homes to the public or collectively exhibit their work in monumental buildings along the route. Come and enjoy paintings, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, jewellery, mixed media, pen drawings and many other art forms.

Real artists’ villages

“There is probably something in Diezewater that meanders past the two villages,” says Birgitta Hermans from Atelierroute Engelen. “There are so many artists to be found in these two villages that the term artist villages is quite appropriate here. This is exactly why this study route was created in 2015. All that creativity together that deserves a stage.”

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Poster: Atelier route Angels 2022

Varied program

In addition to different disciplines and techniques, the participants on the Atelier route are also different in age. “It makes it varied and fun for everyone to watch,” continues Birgitta. “There is something for everyone. There are booklets at various places on the route with a description of all the artists and their works. Because there is so much to see and you will probably stay somewhere cozy at regular intervals, you can map out in advance the route via our website with works of art that appeal to you the most.”

Are you looking for a pearl for the wall or on the fireplace? A number of artists are selling work on the day so if you are looking for something special come and have a look around.”

Enjoy on all fronts

Some participants have their own studio or a place in their house where they can receive people. Others who don’t have it, or who are too far off the route, exhibit with other artists. they do so in studios, monumental buildings, such as churches, castles or other places worth a visit. So you can enjoy art, monuments, beautiful nature and fun on this day. A complete package. What else do you want.”

New blood

As with previous editions, guest artists have been invited again. This year it is Suzanne Reijnders, who works with Japanese brushstrokes, and visual artist Marianne van Heeswijk, with a community art project. “New blood is always good,” says Birgitta. “People from outside often bring new energy and new ideas. It is very inspiring.”

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Atelier route Engelen 2019 Photo: Ted Tolboom Photography

With open arms

Atelierroute Engelen can be visited free of charge on Sunday 2 October between 12.00 and 17.00. Along the route you will find various catering companies where you can enjoy a snack and a drink. The artists themselves welcome you with open arms and who knows, with coffee and some sweets.

To give you a sneak peek of the veil, we introduce four participating artists to you:

Marike Boerman, artist and painter

In Marike’s work, Eastern brush techniques and traditional painting are combined. Marike’s work is characterized by atmospheric images which leave room for everyone’s own interpretation.

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Marike Boerman Photo: Atelierroute Engelen

Wanda van Riet, designer – Dutch design with a story

Wanda’s products tell fascinating stories that take shape in sustainably designed products. From folding vases to beautiful scarves She looks for unique connections between past and present, materials and production companies.

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Wanda van Riet Photo: Atelierroute Engelen

Jhonny van Beek, decorative blacksmith

Classic curlicues, lamps, furniture, jewelry stands, restorations and repairs… everything from classic ironwork to brass items for artists is made in Jhonny’s decorative forge.

Jhonny van Beek Photo: Atelierroute Engelen

Eric Alink, journalist and city chronicler

Sometimes a resident of Den Bosch dies without survivors. In such cases, the municipality arranges a sober farewell. Journalist/city chronicler Eric Alink writes the funeral oration after visiting the place where the person in question died. In addition to columns, he also reads a few of these memorial words during the study route.

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Eric Alink Photo: Atelierroute Engelen

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