Ruth Mollema from Puppyplaats: ‘I am proud that we contribute to making the pet industry safer’

At Puppyplaats, the safety and well-being of the animals during the moving process is our highest priority. What makes us unique compared to other pet selling websites is the dedicated Trust and Safety team who specialize in reviewing adverts to ensure the safety of the pets sold on our site. We have also focused on developing technical features that help us with this. In this way, Puppyplaats is safe for people and animals.

Finding and rehoming your pet has never been safer! Since 2013, has been the place to be for dog lovers, and last summer the website got a major update. With many new great features, we’re making Puppyplace safer and more accessible than ever before, such as identity verification.
All ads go through our moderation process before being published. We get help with this from technology that, for example, helps us to authenticate users. Our moderation panel also alerts us when certain words are used in an ad, which can help us identify violations of our ad policy, which is again solely dedicated to animal welfare. In addition, we actively cooperate with bodies such as the Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority, which help us improve the security of our website.

I am proud that we are helping to make the pet industry safer. Online pet marketplaces generally don’t have the best reputation and animal welfare is often not a focus, something I personally find extremely important. Fortunately, this is exactly what PMG wants to change in this market. A mission that aligns with my values.

It’s been a while, but this Oatly campaign is still top of mind. In 2020, the European Parliament voted in favor of a proposal calling for strict restrictions on the marketing of plant-based foods. It would become illegal to refer to dairy on the packaging of plant-based products. Words such as ‘dairy-free’, ‘creamy’ and of course ‘milk’ must no longer be used. This makes it harder for consumers to choose plant-based products, and Oatly asked a simple question: “Are you stupid?‘. The brand proved with a ‘scientific’ experiment that people are perfectly capable of telling the difference between a carton of cow’s milk and a carton of vegetable milk.

I always feel uncomfortable when supposedly happy animals are used in advertisements for an industry that exploits them. Just think of a happy chicken with a bucket full of chicken wings or a pig with a big smile on its face on a billboard of a hamburger joint.

Good marketing starts with a mission to make the world a better place. Some marketing can be seen as very successful if measured in profit, but I would never want to work for a company that makes those profits if it results in or perpetuates the exploitation of people, animals and the world. That is why I am very happy to be part of PMG, whose mission is to create animal markets that are trusted and safe for both animals and people.

Marketing that deliberately exploits bad behavior and changes the world for the worse instead of the better. Examples include food brands marketing products as healthy when they are not, or greenwashing products, services or brands when they are not as sustainable as they claim.

One of the bigger challenges is that the marketing landscape is huge and you want to be visible everywhere, and preferably as authentic as possible to the platform or channel you are promoting. It is so easy for a consumer to click, swipe or look away as there are thousands of other entertaining videos, images or games to follow. However, this is not unique to the Netherlands, except that with our prosperity we have access to all these types of media. A current challenge is rising energy costs and general inflation. This is reflected in everything, making it even more challenging to continue to grow as a business. But maybe it’s not always necessary?

This has been the case for a long time, but recently this brand has confirmed this for me once again: Patagonia. It was recently in the news that the owner has donated all future profits to the fight against climate change. I think this decision fits very well with the message that the brand has conveyed since its inception: to make the best possible product that does not cause unnecessary harm and to use this business to protect nature.

Netflix, podcasts and book summaries on Blinkist. Blinkist helps me get to the heart of a book in minutes. It helps me decide if it’s worth taking the time to read the whole book since I’m quite a slow reader haha. I will also mention 8sidor. It is a Swedish news channel that focuses on bringing news in a very understandable way. It is not politically biased and is part of the Swedish Accessible Media Authority. For me it really helps to learn Swedish and to get an idea of ​​what is happening in Sweden. A good initiative!

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