NVLV theme day ‘How is the transition -> circular agriculture’: 17 November

The NVLV theme day ‘How is the transition -> circular agriculture’ will be held on Thursday 17 November at De Groote Voort in Lunteren (9:30-16:00).

It has been a while since Minister Carola Schouten for Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality presented her Agricultural Vision on circular agriculture to the press. In it, she made optimistic noises about the pursuit of circularity that would determine the direction of agricultural development. But when she took over temporarily, following the departure of Minister Henk Staghouwer on September 6, 2022, the desired transition to circular agriculture did not seem to run smoothly. This is due, among other things, to the display of flags around the nitrogen policy and the end of the fertilizer exemption, which was once given by Brussels to Dutch farmers.

And now that Mr. Piet Adema has taken office as Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, it will not be easy for him to steer the transition to an efficient form of circular agriculture in the right direction either. And that efficiency is exactly what we are going to talk about on this theme day!

Because it is becoming increasingly clear that circular agriculture and food quality are not independent of each other, there is a need for clear answers to questions such as: ‘What is circular agriculture really, what is it for, under what circumstances and for whom is this concept. work and how do we manage the transition to circular agriculture in a direction that produces true circularity and healthy food?’

This much is certain: Earth life invariably plays the leading role in closing the nutrient cycle, thus determining the effectiveness of circular agriculture! The diversity of microbial soil life is even the basis of the completeness of our food and therefore directly affects our health. At the same time, we must recognize that in industrial food production the role and value of soil life still receives too little attention, and the industrial flag flies as follows:

‘Poor quality (deficient) food is produced in an unsustainable way in an environment polluted by pesticides’ (today’s statement).

On the theme day on Thursday 17 November (which for the same money could be called a study day) we will therefore make an assessment in light of the transition > circular agriculture:

  1. What is the status of the sustainability of Dutch (circular) agriculture,
  2. What is the state of our food quality, in relation to (not) closing cycles and
  3. What is the status of environmental pollution with pesticides, in relation to the life of the earth.

Participants will hear presentations on this from

  1. farmer and researcher dr.ir. Meino J. Smith,
  2. researcher soil, fertilizer and food ir. Anton O. Nigten one
  3. consultant and researcher in pesticide use ir. Jelmer Buijs.

Subsequently, the connection between the aforementioned topics within circular agriculture will be discussed in more detail with input from organic dairy farmer Jan Dirk van de Voort and herbalist Hubert Cremer. Throughout the day we will also, and again and again, return to a very essential question: how do we treat terrestrial life according to the latest insights in our pursuit of whole foods?

The theme day takes place in the reception at Remekerboerderij ‘De Groote Voort’ at Postweg 110 in Lunteren. If there is a good turnout, we move to Gryden. The theme day’s concept program is currently as follows:

‘What about the transition -> circular agriculture’
9.30 – Registration and coffee
9.55 – Opening by today’s chairman
10.00 – The future of Dutch (circular) agriculture, by dr.ir. Meino J. Smit, farmer and researcher, Paterswolde
11.00 – Break for questions
11.15 – The current composition of the earth and the consequences for our food, by ir. Anton O. Nigten, soil, fertilization and food researcher, Wageningen
12.15 – Questions are free: discussion and question round about the morning programme

12.30 – Organic lunch from organic farmer Jan Dirk van de Voort

13.30 – Do pesticides and soil life go together? By ir. Jelmer Buijs consultant and researcher pesticide use, Buijs Agro-Services, Bennekom
14.15 – Observations of fertilizer samples at ir. Jelmer Buijs.
14.45 – Everyone grabs a drink
14.50 – Ambulatory discussion posts from the presenters, about circular agriculture, in collaboration with Jan Dirk van de Voort and Hubert Cremer, herbalist. In bad weather: in Gryden. In good weather: on the meadow.
15.30 – End of the formal part by today’s chairman and continuation of the discussions
16.00 – Closing


The big front
Postvej 110
6741 ML Lunteren

Entrance: 9.30

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