Excursions in Friesland: David Bowie and Neil Young, Patrick Nederkoorn, art tastings and the Vlielander Cheese Bunker.

Sea paintings in KunstKamer Franeker, the annual reunion concert in Heerenveen, a look behind the scenes at Tresoar, cheese tasting at Vlieland or the cabaret by Patrick Nederkoorn. Come and enjoy different excursions in Friesland in the coming days.

Floating on the turbulent waves

Art tastings by various artists can be seen until 31 October in KunstKamer Franeker under the name Float on the turbulent waves. Makers show their own visual language with sea paintings.

Frans Berkhout from Workum is known for his watercolors, etchings and oil paintings. In the oil paintings on display in the tasting room, you can see that he searches for space on the canvas in a special way. The carefully crafted paintings leave an atmosphere of calm. In addition, Victor Hoefnagels from The Hague shows the natural beauty of the sea. The sea is definitely in this artist’s genes, and the viewer feels it immediately. For Hoefnagels, creating with acrylic paint and sometimes oil on canvas is as familiar as sailing at sea. In addition to these two artists, works by many other guest artists are also exhibited. All information can be found at Kunstkamerfraneker.nl.

Franeker – KunstKamer, until 31 October, Mon to Sun 11am-5pm, free

Enthollandisierung der Erde

In a German newspaper, Patrick Nederkoorn read about the coming ‘Enthollandsierung der Erde’. It read: ‘If only half of all climate forecasts are correct, the Netherlands will one day disappear below sea level. So there will come a day when 17 million orange climate refugees will come to Germany in caravans via the left lane. Do you want to buy it?’

IN high tide Patrick wonders if we Dutch ‘get’ this. How do we keep feet dry? Shall we ever leave our polders? And will Germany become our stepfather? A funny and bittersweet performance about climate change, borders, dykes, relocation and Frau Antje.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Wed 20.30, 19.50 euros

Tour of Vlielander Ostebunker with tasting

A day trip to Vlieland this autumn? Be sure to visit the Vlielander Ostebunker which you will find at the top of the fireboat dune, near the lighthouse. You can be guided in and around this bunker via a video tour.

You log in to the video tour with your smartphone and then head out on your own into the bunker, where the videos on your phone show you the way. In this way, cheesemaker Nils Koster takes you to different places on the Brandboetsduin dune and through the different ripening chambers of the cheese bunker and tells you everything about the cheese bunker, cheese production and ripening, seaweed and drinking water on Vlieland. At the end of the tour, there is a tasting of the most delicious organic cheeses waiting for you. There is a maximum possibility of one booking per time slot, so you always go out with your own group.

Vlieland – De Vlielander Ostebunker, every Tuesday to Thursday at 14.00-16.00 and Saturday at 10.30-16.00, 15 euros (3 to 11 years 10 euros)

Discover Tresoar’s treasures

What treasures are there at Tresoar? What does the world look like under the reading room? What is the oldest book at Tresoar? And how does Tresoar organize almost 37 kilometers of material in the depot? You will find out every last Thursday of the month. Afterwards, Tresoar organizes a free tour of the building with a unique look behind the scenes.

The guided tour of approximately five quarters of an hour starts at 2 p.m. Please report to the counter on arrival; this is the starting point for the tour. Afterwards, there is coffee and tea with a snack ready for you and you can visit Obe, a scene of Frisian culture. Register in advance.

Leeuwarden – Tresoar, Thu 14-15.15, free

David Bowie vs Neil Young | advertising

The ninth edition of Reunification concert Heerenveen takes place on Friday in a tent next to the Abe Lenstra Stadium. There are 3 bands on stage, Ground Control from Arnhem, Neil Young Tributeband from The Hague and Dear Mr. Fantasy from southwestern Friesland.

Two contradictions are discussed during the concert; androgynous British rock star David Bowie and Canadian recording artist Neil Young. Bowie was not only a music but also a fashion icon who reinvented himself several times. Bowie, born January 8, 1947, became known for his music from Space Oddity. Besides this LP, Ground Control from Arnhem also plays Heroes, Absolute Beginners, Changes and This is not America. From November 12, 1945, Neil Young became world famous with his LP Harvest. In Canada, pop music experienced golden times with Neil Young, The Band and Leonard Cohen. “Rocking in the free world”, but also his participation in Crosby, Stills & Nash reminds of politically charged Ohio. Singer Henri de Vries gets up close with Gijsbert Diteweg, Danya Plugge and Bert Fonderie. In addition, Dear Mister Fantasy from Friesland plays the classics from the 60s and 70s.

Heerenveen – Tent next to the Abe Lenstra Stadium, before 20.00, 25 euros

You can find more excursions at lc.nl/uitagenda

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl

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