News from Berkelland » René continues his wife Hermien’s annual campaign

By the editors on 25-10-2022

EIBERGEN – In recent years, we have been aware of the fundraising campaign for Hermien ten Dolle – Nijboer from Eibergen every year. She collected vegan gift cards from the postcode lottery. She took it to Albert Heijn in Eibergen and bought products for it, which she then donated to the food bank. Hermien passed away at the beginning of this year, her husband René continues her annual campaign “Unfortunately, Hermien passed away at the beginning of this year, but she would like this campaign to continue”. says Rene. “That’s why I want to continue this action with your help. Last year the campaign was a great success with 284 cards, €790 in cash and 32 kilos of cheese. This year I secretly hope for an even greater success because the number of people who have to rely on the food bank has increased significantly”.

Activated cards
Have you also received a vegan gift card from the postcode lottery and do not do anything with it? Then activate this card and put it through the bus with Rene. His address: René Nijboer – ten Dolle, Burg. Smitsstraat 19, 7151 BP Eibergen. Don’t have tickets but still want to donate? Then you can also put cash through the bus with René. It is therefore very important that you activate the card in advance, otherwise René cannot do anything about it. “Helping again?? Yes right!!! My reach on Facebook is less than Hermione’s. So I really appreciate sharing this message.” Is the appeal of René Nijboer – ten Dolle.

Photo: Card delivered in 2020

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Berkelland’s first Parkinson’s café opens in Neede

NEEDE – A special ‘café’ is organized every month in the meeting room Het Filter in the Kronenkamp Nature Park in Neede for people with Parkinson’s disease, their partners and other interested parties. Visitors can share their experiences every second Thursday of the month, but having fun is also a top priority.” It is easier to exchange experiences when you talk to someone who has experienced it himself, says Johan Lindner, one of the visitors. “Human contact is more fun than getting things off the internet.” One of the motives for organizing the café is to make the disease a topic of discussion. “The threshold will certainly be much lower if you have a café and you can talk together,” says initiator Herman Leusink. “The informal carers, the people who have a partner with Parkinson’s disease, can also consult with each other, and you can talk even more easily than with a doctor or a nurse.”

Another important goal is to raise awareness of the disease and its specific symptoms. “Parkinson’s is a brain disease in which certain cells in the brain die,” explains Leusink. “These cells ensure that a substance is made which sends the message that occurs in the brain to the rest of the body.” For Linder, it causes different symptoms: “I walk a little stiffly, I get tired more quickly, but the biggest problem is the cognitive problems. In the form of not being able to change gears and being able to perform difficult tasks with difficulty.”

First in Berkelland

There are already Parkinson’s cafes in several places in the Netherlands, but it was still missing in the Berkelland area. “We first consulted with the Parkinson’s nurse from the hospital in Winterswijk, who said there was a lot of interest in opening a cafe,” said the promoter. “We already have 36 entries, for the first time I think it’s very good.”

Tai Chi

The café was created with support from Berkelland municipality. The organization has enough inspiration to organize activities. “Once a pharmacist comes, then an occupational therapist. We can do Tai chi (Chinese movement exercises ed.) or yoga, maybe walking with Parkinson’s. We try all kinds of things to make activities.”

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