Wesseling Logistics chooses ZetesChronos for Proof-of-Delivery solution

Wesseling Logistics, which specializes in distribution, transport and warehousing, will use ZetesChronos to make all ‘last mile’ distribution activities more transparent and more traceable. To this end, this logistics service provider is investing in Zetes’ mobile POD solution to replace the fixed on-board computers in all trucks. Wesseling chose ZetesChronos because this solution best meets the customers’ current and future needs. Zetes has already successfully implemented a cross-dock solution for the warehouse.

Real-time insight and ‘last mile’ traceability
For many years, Wesseling has used a Transport Management System (TMS) in combination with a permanently built-in computer in all vehicles to plan, track and record deliveries. The ZetesChronos solution will be integrated into the existing TMS. With the purchase of mobile computers, real-time insight and complete traceability are also carried forward outside the vehicle, including a user-friendly working method for the driver. During the selection process for this modernization project, ZetesChronos already fulfilled all requirements to 95%: this solution accompanies drivers in their daily work and can also be used outside the vehicle. In addition, it gives planners insight into the status of the routes to be executed. The system can also be easily expanded and supplemented with new functions such as: an activity and an improved message module. In addition, ZetesChronos has an improved geographic map to monitor the location of vehicles and the progress of routes. Together with its hardware partner Panasonic, Zetes supplies 88 robust mobile computers, type FZ-N1, and will completely relieve Wesseling Logistics in the management of these.

Relief with Zete’s TotalCare Managed Services
Wesseling also uses Zete’s TotalCare Managed Services for the implementation, management and monitoring of all devices. This relieves the customer completely. Zetes ensures that the mobile devices are delivered ready for use and also sets up a cloud-based management environment for mobile devices. In this way, all equipment can be controlled remotely, with Zetes ensuring that the mobile equipment is always equipped with newer software versions and security updates by means of periodic, proactive updates. This allows Wesseling Logistics to fully concentrate on their core tasks: storage and transport.

Being able to proactively inform customers
The mobile POD solution enables Wesseling to continue to track all deliveries outside of the vehicles and proactively inform customers of schedule changes. ZetesChronos is a flexible and scalable POD solution that gives us complete visibility, traceability and reliability of our deliveries.” Said Arie van Duijn, IT manager at Wesseling Logistics. “The investment in a new Proof of Delivery solution aims to could respond more quickly to our customers’ changing needs, now and in the future.

Successful partnership Wesseling-Zetes
“We are delighted with this new order from Wesseling Logistics following the previous successful delivery of our ZetesMedea cross-dock application to the warehouse,” says Paul Lankhout, Country Manager Zetes Holland. “Partly because Wesseling Logistics is part of the TeamTrans partnership of independent family businesses specializing in (fine-grained) distribution, where several companies are already our customers. As part of the ongoing development of ZetesChronos, we will add additional functions for activity registration and communication and will relieve Wesseling with Zetes TotalCare for the operational management of the new mobile equipment.”

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