Flasheye and OnLogic collaborate on LiDAR solutions

OnLogic, provider of IoT solutions and leading manufacturer of industrial computer hardware (www.onlogic.com), has entered into a partnership with software specialist Flasheye. Flasheye uses OnLogic industrial and rugged computers to power their advanced LiDAR Processing Units (LPUs). Flasheye LPUs are being implemented by the mining industry to improve operator safety and optimize the manufacturing process.

LiDAR stands for “light detection and ranging”. This active sensor technology measures relative distances using millions of laser pulses per second. second that is rejected by objects within the sensor’s field of view. Flasheye 3D LiDAR technology detects unexpected changes in the environment to identify production anomalies and prevent downtime, malfunctions and accidents.

One of the challenges Flasheye faced when building their solution was handling the large amounts of data generated by 3D LiDAR. The data processing for their customers had to be fast enough to ensure that information could be processed in near real time. This is especially true for applications where security is critical. LiDAR sensors cannot process data on their own. Therefore, Flasheye has developed an LPU (LiDAR Processing Unit) using industrial computers from OnLogic.

“Flasheye solutions require a powerful computer, and their LPUs are often deployed in the most challenging environments imaginable,” said OnLogic Account Manager, Julian Kjaer. “In addition to the extreme temperatures and constant vibrations from machines and conveyor belts, there is also a lot of dust in the air. Our rugged Karbon 400 computer proved ideal for the Flasheye LPG due to its robust mechanical design, small size, wide input power range and advanced processors. Configuration options such as DIO and 4G wireless give Flasheye a lot of flexibility in terms of installation and application.”

“We chose OnLogic as our hardware supplier for Flasheye LPG because of their high-quality products, customization options, expert technical knowledge, reliable delivery and responsive support,” said Flasheye Chief Technology Officer, John Carlson. “Over the time we’ve worked with them, OnLogic has proven to be a brand you can trust.”

In addition to the OnLogic Karbon 400 systems, Flasheye is currently testing the OnLogic MK200-70 edge server and the HX330 and ML100G-53 industrial systems for several other installations. Ultimately, Flasheye hopes to help mining companies focus on efficient material handling while reducing costly and dangerous downtime in their production.

More information about Flasheye solutions powered by OnLogic computers can be found in customer case: https://www.onlogic.com/nl-nl/solutions/case-studies/flasheye/.

About OnLogic: OnLogic is a leading industrial computer manufacturer developing highly configurable and solution-oriented computers for reliability at the IoT Edge. OnLogic’s systems operate in the world’s most challenging environments, helping customers around the world solve their complex technology challenges, regardless of industry. Founded in 2003, OnLogic has offices in the Netherlands, USA, Taiwan and Malaysia. OnLogic has helped more than 70,000 customers worldwide realize their ideas with computers designed to survive, custom built and delivered within days. Discover more at www.onlogic.nl or on YouTube at www.youtube.nl/onlogic.

About Flasheye: Flasheye uses proven LiDAR technology from automotive, defense, robotics and surveillance installations to detect anomalies and hazards early, before serious damage occurs.

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