Lorrèn, Martijje, Astrid Cattel, Drenthe sagas and the Ukrainian choir Dzvinochok: Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

Come and listen to the warm sound of Lorrèn, the Drentian jazz lady Martijje, the ‘real’ show by Astrid Cattel, Drentian sagas, legends and folk tales or to the Ukrainian choir Dzvinochok.

Lorren’s versatility

The Amsterdam singer-songwriter Lorrèn shows rawness, warmth and versatility in her voice hear songs on stage in Groningen. Her music can best be described as soulful pop, where her jazz background is as clear as that of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lianne La Havas or Corinne Bailey Rae. Lorrèn knows how to put well-known and well-known themes in a new light and thus gives them her own twist. Her songs are about everything life has to offer such as the search for happiness and freedom, ups and downs in life, love and the power of a positive mindset.

Her singles Pieces , Somebody to Love , alone and tell me has already generated quite a few streams and is regularly played on various national and international radio stations. Since last year, Lorrèn has been working hard on her follow-up EP In time you will see , which was published in March last year. She performs her new songs with her band in the Simplon’s upper room.

Groningen – Simplon, Fri 20.30, 13.50 euros

Drenthe jazz lady Martijje

Martijje looks forward to his show view . There is always hope or somewhere a beautiful view. The singer and her band take the theater guest to present-day Drenthe. In recent years, Martijje has become the ‘lady of jazz’ in Drenthe; a status that she owes, among other things, to her debut album Drezzo from 2009.

On the album you can hear a combination of Drents and jazz. Pop, samba and blues can also be heard on her subsequent albums. The Drentian language is the common thread in her career as a singer; she likes to combine the language with contemporary music. In her show, she plays songs from her latest album.

Roden – Theater de Winsinghhof, Fri at 20.15, 16.75 euros

Astrid Cattel is real in her show

Theater maker, actor and singer Astrid Cattel In her first solo performance, coached by Karin Bloemen, she alternates the cabaret full of emotions, self-mockery and recognizable situations with her own music. She is accompanied on the piano. Cattel takes the audience to situations where everyone ends sooner or later: learning to let go after you’ve lost someone, after your children have flown out, or if you’re too caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life.

Cattel shares his feelings with the audience, with occasional winks. REALLY, something is beautiful when it’s right… has become a personal program with this approach.

Veendam – Beresteyn Culture and Congress Centre, Fri. 20.15, 19 euros

Drenthes sagas, legends and folktales

Henk Nijkeuter talks in a lecture by the Kulturkredsen Peize about Sagas, legends and folktales from Drenthe. Drensk literature has many authors who have devoted themselves to ‘retelling’ Drensk folklore. In these folk tales, mystery, superstition and extra or supernatural powers play an important role. There are even multiple versions of some stories, such as the story of Ellert and Brammert.

How is it possible that the men are described as fighters in one story, while in the other they are described as robbers? In the lecture, Nijkeuter explores the background of known and unknown Drenthe legends, sagas and folk tales; from the white women to evil devils and prophetic will.

Peize – Café Ensing, before 8pm, 5 euros

The Ukrainian choir Dzvinochok in the Netherlands

Choir Dzvinochok from Kiev gives Friday concert in the Grote Kerk in Veendam. The Dzvinochok HS Working Group is pleased that, despite the war in Ukraine, they can still come to the Netherlands. The choir will be in a different composition than in other years; This is because the tenors and basses are not allowed to leave the country or are included in the army.

This time the choir consists of twenty boys and twenty girls aged from 10 to 25 years. A selection of this group gave concerts in Leipzig in July, followed by concerts with the Rolling Stones in Vienna. On Saturday the choir sings in Farmsum church and in the RC Church in Sappemeer; On Sunday, the choir can be listened to during one Eucharistic celebration in the Roman Catholic Church in Groningen.

Veendam – Grote Kerk, Fri at 19.30, free, collection

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