This is what to do if the update suddenly crashes

Microsoft is currently pushing the update to Windows 11 for many PC users. And not all computers are happy about it: they seem to persist. But can you pull the plug without destroying your PC? We have the answer.

In short: yes you can, or a little. End of story, one would think, but behind the scenes a few things are happening. It is indeed possible that you suddenly experience huge problems with your PC during an update. But as serious as it may seem, the solutions are (often) simple.

The Windows 11 update is big and takes a long time

An update like Windows 11 (but also minor updates) is quite heavy. For example, the Windows 11 update is about 3.5 GB in size, but needs some space to download and install. Excess data will also be deleted. However, computers with low storage space, such as a 256 GB hard drive, may reject the update. There is simply no room.

Microsoft Windows 11
The new logo (Image: Microsoft)

In fact, it is recommended that you have at least 64 GB of space to install the update. And if you’re a daredevil installing an .ISO (Windows installation via DVD-ROM or USB device) from the BIOS, 25GB is sufficient initially.

Hanging installations

Worldwide, there are about 400 million users using Windows. And while most updates seem to run smoothly, that’s definitely not always the case. Sometimes an installation crashes. Cause for panic? Usually not, don’t worry.

A Windows update is fast or slow due to a number of factors. First, there is the download speed of an update or operating system. It should be clear that with a 1Gb/s connection you can complete the download a bit faster.

Ah yes, the smiley about your PC having problems… thanks Microsoft

The speed of your computer is also important. Assuming you have enough storage anyway, a faster processor and a PC with enough RAM will install an update relatively quickly.

Patience is good for an update

So that’s the first tip. We also stared for fifteen minutes at an installation screen where 21 percent hung uncomfortably at 21 percent. This could be due to the speed of your PC and internet, but also any other updates that were required, and Microsoft immediately links it to one major update. Be patient, no matter how painful it may be if you have a deadline, for example.

If it really doesn’t work, restart your computer. And despite Windows warning you that you really shouldn’t do it, sometimes you have no other choice.

What happens when you turn off the PC?

There are plenty of disaster scenarios, some of which unfortunately come true. But in general it is not a problem.

There is no harm in downloading an update anyway. Your computer backs up and saves data that has been downloaded and continues when you restart the update. If this data has errors, Windows will delete it and restart the update. So nothing to worry about.

pc update for windows
And just wait….. (Image: Unsplash/Johny vino)

It becomes unsafe when you turn off the computer during the actual installation. Generally the following happens: you just come back to your home screen and get a message that the update is not installed. Fine.

However, there is a chance that your installation has already messed with your OS and you will get a message that your computer has errors. Still no need to panic. You can start Windows in repair mode. Sometimes this happens automatically, but if it doesn’t, hold down the F1 key (usually) and you’ll be presented with a screen that allows you to repair Windows.

Tips from Windows 11 victims

However, we recommend this as this happened to us as well. Create ‘restore points’ regularly (whether automatically or not). These are times when Windows was running well and you can choose to fall back on. You will lose new programs after that time, but not your PC.

Also back up Windows to a USB stick. This will allow you to restart Windows. Microsoft also makes it easy for you: tap recycling station in the search option and follow the steps. So you need a USB device with 16GB of space. Note that this will be formatted so all your data is probably gone on that device.

Windows Update PC
Easily restore Windows with a backup (Image: Microsoft)
NB! Your data will be deleted

However; so don’t worry if your windows updates are stuck. Chances are it’s slow for the above reasons, so don’t turn it on in the morning or afternoon. And if it really persists, your PC is not immediately broken. In fact, it pays to install Windows 11: The operating system has a lot of cool features.

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