‘Bare belly S10 distracting’, Albania ‘too sexy’: female body remains a talking point | NOW

A bare stomach or crotch grab can regularly be seen in music videos and during musical performances. But when a female performer does it, it remains a point widely discussed on social media and television. S10 also noticed this during this Eurovision Song Contest: her belly would be too distracting.

“It’s very nude”, was said after the announcement of the outfit in RTL Boulevard. “It’s very distracting when you look at it.” S10 will wear a two-piece black set by Viktor & Rolf at the Eurovision Song Contest. And indeed: her breast is bare, and so is her stomach.

A Eurovision performer’s outfit is often the subject of discussion. Trijntje Oosterhuis finally decided not to wear the ‘tear dress’ after the creation was discussed in great detail by all kinds of critics. S10 doesn’t care about the comments, she says to NU.nl.

“We all have a lot of opinions about women and what they look like and what their bodies look like and what their hair is like. But with men we never really criticize that much. I don’t feel very criticized,” said S10. “I know how this goes with a lot of guys, and I just try not to worry too much about it. Because I know what I want to get there, I’m super happy with what we came up with.”

There is an important meaning behind the outfit: For S10, her head, chest and stomach play an important role. “Those are the places where the soul is in a person, I think. It all feels good to me, and I just want to tell my story to you, to the people watching at home. And how my breasts are under the top, or that my stomach is visible has nothing to do with it. It’s not about that at all.”

Suitable for audiences of all ages

The S10 isn’t the only one getting comments. Also Albanian Ronela performing the song secret, was told after her first try that it was way too sexy. The singer grabs her crotch during her performance. Images of it were initially shared on Eurovision’s Instagram channel, only to disappear and never return.

Her spokesperson during the Eurovision Song Contest told an Instagram Live that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has entered into discussions with Albania to ensure that the performance is suitable for audiences of all ages.

After looking back at the performance, Ronela doesn’t need to adjust anything, but it led to online anger: why should Ronela be talked about, but can the singer from Finland’s The Rasmus stand bare-chested on stage and the singer from San Marino ride a bull?

Ronela on stage at her first rehearsal.

Ronela on stage at her first rehearsal.

Ronela on stage at her first rehearsal.

Photo: EBU/Nathan Reinds

‘This is what we women always have to deal with’

S10 regrets that the discussion had to be resumed. “It’s never good for us women. I’m too thin, someone else is too fat. If your breasts are too big, you’re a bitch. If you don’t have breasts, you’re too manly. Actually, no, skirt length is good, because it’s either too short or too long. That’s what we women always have to deal with and that’s obviously how it is.”

“I think it’s very intense for Ronela. You have to deal with it, and for some it’s more intense than for others. I think it’s really annoying for her. Yes, her show is super sexy, but it has to be be allowed?”

The EBU has still not said anything about Ronela’s performance, but appealed on Friday. The organizer did not provide further background on the reason for the call.

“We are shocked by the strong statements coming online about people who work hard to put on a good show,” the EBU said. “We understand the passion and the love, but everyone working on this Eurovision Song Contest should be able to do so without being harassed online. We ask everyone to discuss the show in a respectful way.”

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